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  1. They sure have jumped up along with all AK type rifles!!
  2. Cheap!! Available! Cheap! Lasts a long time! Ritz Crackers Potted Meat Vienna Sausage Deviled Ham Canned Chili Any Boxed Cereal's ALot cheaper than MRE's and tastes alot better!!
  3. Would hate to shoot that one-handed!!!
  4. lonerider

    Canted sightt

    I had one like that, sent it back to RAA they sent me a NEW rifle!! They paid the shipping both ways!!
  5. I build custom gunleather for Cowboy Action shooting and have done a couple of swap deals in the last year leather for guns. A 2 gun buscadero rig, shotgunbelt and spur straps for a 4th generation short stroked Uberti /Winchester 1873 Border Deluxe 24" rifle (Worth $1400)...the leather cost me around $100. And not long ago a single holster rig for a New Stoeger Coach 12 ga. ($325) I think I came out pretty good!
  6. Well the Saiga was the only gun I really didn't shoot much and was just sittin' around lookin' pretty. We shoot Cowboy Action so the Cowboy guns are safe and my 1911 will be the last thing I'll sell when I'm living under some bridge!!!
  7. Bills and truck payment due.......had to sell my Saiga 7.62 and 940 rounds of ammo
  8. About 10-15 years ago..not sure, (memory is going) there was an group here in TEXAS calling themselves "The Republic of Texas" that had published their views and promoted succeeding from the state. I thought at the time what they had to say made sense and was going to send in my $50 and join. Just about 2 months later the group was raided by the Texas Rangers and some people were jailed for firearms violations ect Everyone on their list of members had alot of 'splainin' to do!!! Glad I didn;t send my $$ in
  9. Don't be too quick to think that way. Today, the TSA. Tomorrow, ACORN. That's OK........Tell them to wear their Vests and bring plenty of AMMO !!!
  10. Wouldn't happen to me!!! #1 I don't fly #2 I don't have $4700...I spend all my $$ on Guns and Ammo!!!
  11. I'm surprised it didn't tell how many and what caliber arms you have at home too!!
  12. I e-mailed RAA yesterday to ask what size it was. Clyde answered and is sending me a screw!! Great service!!
  13. Just plant a Claymore every 50 feet along the border, that'll take care of alot!!!
  14. I have lost the screw that holds the handguard on my 7.62. I've tried local hardware stores nothing. Anybody know what size it is???
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