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  1. and Wolverine...Hi All. I see Bvamp is using a real name now:-(
  2. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=8095 Indy and Bvamp....man I miss the old days! Hiya Indy!
  3. thats what I thought your pic was. lmao, thats horrible

    1. gregomega


      happy birthday you filthy animal

  4. http://www.gun-deals.com/ammo.php Check here for ammo prices. BTW, I have never seen ammo prices drop in 30 years.....so go ahead and wait. 30 cents a round has been the norm for the last 5 months, and still is. I used to but 762 for 89 per 1k...been waiting for it to go that low for again for 5 years. Here is yer best price: Wolf Performance 122 FMJ PY/BE/NC 11 Palmetto State Armory 27.9 1000 $279 $18.00 $297.00 = 29.7 cents per round
  5. In PA, a concealed permit does not specify what type of "weapon" can be concealed....so I would guess a long arm would be fine. However, I can draw my handgun in less than a second....how long does it take to get the AK out of the bag an ready 4 action?. P.S. Kids LOVE to steal skateboards...I wouldn't camo my firearm as anything someone wants to steal. Someone needs to make a "dogshit bag"...that would be truley "sneaky".
  6. I use a Lee Turret, works fine for me loading 100 - 500 rounds a months of 9mm.
  7. http://www.gun-deals.com/ammo.php
  8. Yea, I buy from Cabelas and pay the sales tax (6%) here in PA. Paying the tax beats paying the shipping in most cases. If you can order from CTD for 4 bucks a box now, aint that worth 9%? You're still paying less than the $7 a box which is the cheapest I can find. One point of the post is that the prices have come down, but as I have been looking around at other sites, they are either out, or are up to 9.99 a box for Wolf. Makes me wonder if all the dealers are going to be jackin their prices to take advantage of the "Obama Mania" that seems to be going on. You may want to invest in som
  9. Speding $500.00?....get a Kel-Tek SU16c, .223, made in USA and lifetime warranty. As much as I like my Saiga, $500 is a bit steep. Come to think of it, I have a 7.62, 98% less than 1000 rds thru it, with a Belarus scope mount and 3 10rd mags, any offers?
  10. Box of 20 now $3.98 or $4.39 for 154gr. in the December flyer. Classic is $198.00 a case. Web site is still $6.49 a box? Appears the fall in the metals commodities market is making it to the shelves.
  11. I use a 30, it aint to big, I am sure a 40 would be fine....and quicker.
  12. I get easy3-4" groups at 50 & 75yds with Wolf fmj with a 3moa red dot. 100yds....I don't even try (my eyes suck!) 7.62x39 aint known for being a great long range round, to big and slow.
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