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  1. I haven't owned a tv for 11 years now, and a bunch of people kept telling me how good The Walking Dead was, it not on You Tube because of copyright stuff, so I finaly ordered it on DVD. Very cool show. Not as scary as I thought it would be, but character driven. Special effects are amazing.
  2. Youth is wasted on the young. You Young'ens better appreciate it while you can. lol.
  3. (fake scenario, just go along - no hate) An officer pulled over a pickup for a weapons check, because of an NRA sticker. When the officer approached the vehicle, the man behind the wheel handed the officer his drivers liscense, insurance and ccw permit. The officer took all the documents and looked them over, and said, "I see you have a CCP, do you have any weapons with you?" The driver replied, "yes, I do. I have a .357 Magnum in a hip holster, a .45 in the glove box, and a .22 derringer in my boot." The officer looked at the man and asked, "anything else?" "Yes, a Mossberg 12 gauge and an AR
  4. Bought an Ontario Knife bayo new a few years ago. Just sat on my desk. Never attatched it to anything. Was kinda mocking up my S12 and noticed the blade really is bent to the left a bit. Very noticable. Anyway to fix it? Wooden blocks and a mini sledge? Damn nice knife, and you don't notice it when just holding in your hand. Don't even remember who I bought it from. Don't want to send in. Is it safe to beat back into straightness?
  5. One of my nephews got caught chewing ( yeah - fucking chew ) OFF school grounds, but got banned an entire football season for it. He was an honor student, and my brother in law was on the school board ( and president or whatever on the church board) and couldn't get it over turned. Fucking school is a joke anymore. (nephew was a stand out athlete)Oh, but if it was the coaches son, the QB, it would be a different story, Politics on a small scale. Same old shit, different day. Nephew was a good guy, honor roll guy - just got fucked. At least you can say it wasn't politics as usuall, with the bro
  6. Hopefully, you will one day be able to use your clout to wipe out the peeling tires on pavement sounds as the bad guy makes his getaway on a gravel road! lol! Thanks for the tutorial!
  7. When you are shooting, put down a BIG cheap blue tarp. It makes it a LOT easier to pick up your shells. Always, ALWAYS pick up crap, even if you didn't put it there. Once people start seeing you respect the land, they will do the same. Trash bags are cheap. Maybe hand out a few to reinforce the message without looking like a prick. Gentle persuasion. Or, it will be gone. Excellent post RobRez. Everytime I would go walking down the Platte river, I would pick up a trash bag or two. Mainly because I didn't want to be stepping in the stuff later. Thanks RobRez, for bringing this to peoples attenti
  8. Man, I guess I never knew how bad it could be! If I lived about 100 yards down the road, I would be out of city (town) limits and do what I want, so instead, just drive a few miles out of town where there is a popular place to shoot along an irrigation canal. It has a 40 foot tall sandhills backstop - so no danger. If you want to sit and shoot, you'd better bring a chair or have a tailgate handy. People driving the backroads often stop there to shoot, and most clean up their mess when they are done. Sitting, standing, prone - even had a buddy try to re-enact some war movie he saw by starting c
  9. If you have the space in your yard, build a discrete "sand box" and teach him to pee and poop in it. Or run your sprinklers a LOT more often. Or train him to pee and poop in your neighbors lawn! lol (not reccomended) The problem gets worse in hotter, drier weather. Maybe ask your vet next time he is in for a visit? or contact your county extension agent to see what they might be able to offer. We have had a cool, wet spring, and I don't have any spots yet this year. Drier years past the lawn looked like hell.
  10. I have been curious if these work, then I read where any Stainless Steel would work. So I bought a cheap big ladle spoon at wallyworld and took a shower and used it before I went out for 3 plus hours of mowing and sweating, and all seems good. No foul odors. Ordinary anti-perspirant things started to give me a rash. So, I thought I'd try the stainless thing out. Anyone else use it or have tried it? Just curious. Just the simple spoon seemed to work for me, instead of a 20 dollar bar. Do you use these when camping or anything?
  11. Homemade gravy with the grease and the flour is the best, but at 3 in the am, sometimes, and a few too many beers, it's a little safer to just crack open a can ready made. It's ALMOST as good as homemade! lol.
  12. So, what do they do with the confiscated stuff? Stories never tell. I bet the gold inlaid one doesn't get destroyed.
  13. Ah, back when there were only 3 channels, and a public tv channel. Back when shows were worth watching. RIP, James Arness, and thanks for the memories.
  14. Good luck on your ticket. When I lived in Houston in the 80s, I had a Grand National, and received 15 tickets. I got out of all of them except one, a speeding ticket. They were for all sorts of different things, but it helped having Officer buddies and friends that knew Officers. That car was a curse and a blessing. It was a chick magnet, but also a cop magnet! lol. Sometimes I got pulled over just because the Officer wanted a close up look at the car and wanted me to pop the hood and stuff, they always said they wished their department would buy them as Police vehicles! That's how I got to kn
  15. Made by Libby's Damn good. in the gravy section. lol. enjoy.
  16. Kind of callous of you dude, I guess you must have missed the interlude in the middle with all the coffins, and folded flags and tombstones and stuff. Thank you for everyone who has served, and especially those that gave all.
  17. By the way, the StormWerks one is NOT a push button, and has a built in swing swivel attatchment. Only mentioning it because all of the regular sources are out. I do think it is superior to the ACE one, though. Just because of the double locking lugs. I don't mean to take away sales from contributors, but if you need it NOW, it is available, now. That's all. ACE isn't the only manufacturer of them, no matter who you buy it from.
  18. Cool deal! I almost bought another Glock 10mmm today, but instead ordered another PLR-16. I want another S-12 also. I will eventually get a 3rd Gen Glock 20. I need to start playing the lottery so I can win enough money to buy everything, but that would be money wasted! lol. Sounds like you did pretty good and you are happy with your decision.
  19. Not everyone is out. Go to www.stormwerkz.com, and get a far superior to the ACE one for less money. Free shipping. Got in about 3 days. Quality is excellent. Rock solid. Double locking tangs. Very nice high quality hinge. StormWerkz
  20. And you might just happen to HAVE one? PM me if so, please.
  21. BTW, some bad ass cool wire cheek rests that bolt onto your wire stock (not tubular or anything, just wire stock) are out there. Can't mention names, since they aren't a contributor, but the wire cheek rests are cool and available for any folding wire stock (model specific, made to fit) Would look good in Paracord. Just some fun stuff that I never knew about. Found kickin' around.
  22. Just thought I'd let those know that were looking for them, Dinzag has them. Can't wait to get mine, maybe in a day or two? He has 2 different flash hider/suppressors that will work with them. Mods, if this is in the wrong forum, please move. Sorry! I'm am pumped up!
  23. What if I were to join one of those "find a Romanian Bride" sites, would I be able to bring her here to the U.S. with a couple of suitcases full of the Romy folders? Or are they scarce over there, too? This is just wacky. This is clearly an example of how the global economy is not working. Supply and demand, and all. Global sharing. I looked at Copes, but didn't leave a message. Found a site that has German and Polish ones, (one source tactical) but really want the Romanian one. I will contact Copes, Thanks.
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