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    WTS: Krebs Custom one of a kind KTR-035

    I second that Dodge, come back safe!
  2. klangblades

    What does it take to modify an HK (cheap) magazine

    I was under the impression that the law that a mag can't be modified to an extant that it no longer functions in the original gun is still illeagle. Opinions from those who may understand the leagle jargon better? Of course it all may be moot very soon. The new version of "the patriot act" basically suspends the constitution. I urge everyone to look into it, we didn't hear any details from the media, but i found out some of it last night, and it is scary guys. Get your supplies in order, because Bush has been given the power to declare martial law, and the goverment to take over control of all communications, power, fuel, food, etc. , if there is a terrorist threat. Congress can't even question the decision for 6 months. Not to mention no search warrents, unlimited phone taps, the ability to aprehend and hold without representation or any other rights, "suspected terrorists". This morning a radio station out of chicago reported police will now be taught to shoot to kill with headshots suspected terrorists. Patriot act two, defines suspected terrorists as anyone with a crimanal record. Anyone got a traffic ticket? You crimanals! Scary stuff guys, look into it.
  3. Acca, Do you know anything about the .308 20 rnd mags, that eea was taking orders for before they dumped the saiga line? I have to think Ishmash has the tooling if they were taking orders and offering delivery date. There is a strong market for those, and whoever fills the need first, will make some good profit.
  4. Looking for a pair of new or excellent condition handle sides for M-16 type bayonet. Prefer with bolts, but those are alot eaiser to come by. Thanks!
  5. klangblades

    wtt m1s90 tactical

    If it's semi, I may have a freind who would trade a saiga 20 pg conversion for it. Seems the new cook co. laws won't let her have it in her house anymore, but she can't work a pump.
  6. klangblades

    No, not another one of THOSE threads

    The 7.62x39 has a much stronger taper to the case, which is why ak mags are curved, and all the .308 battle rifle mags are straight. So if you cut two, welded them came up with a correct size follower and spring, they still wouldn't feed right.
  7. klangblades

    Buttstocks for Unconverted Saigas

    Wow, G-3 you are really getting into this. Looks good, Some of the bolt action sniper stocks, and boyds varmit stocks, have an almost verticle grip section, by offsetting the cut out for the palm. SO for a righthander the right side at the palm is cut deep, and the left side not. Just another Idea for you to play with. If I wasn't determined to get rid of that terrible factory trigger I'd definately try one of those 45 dgree grips you've got. I still might want to try one, what is the price for full size?
  8. klangblades

    Sig PE57 mags?

    I'm interested in that mag. Like If I knew exactly what you're asking for it, I could say I'll take it.
  9. klangblades

    Sig PE57 mags?

    i'm intrested in that mag.
  10. klangblades

    heres to hoping...

    Indy, I'm in love with your avatar. Do you think you could get her to................
  11. Cobra 2, that is a nice looking rifle!
  12. Wow it seems the saiga market has dropped right out lately. I can't believe there's no intrest.
  13. G-3, isn't that one of your modified ar's in your left palm?
  14. I have a dpms hbar carbine I could trade. When you say saiga ak, does that mean you did pistol grip conversion, and does it take standard ak mags?
  15. The saiga's are getting hard to come by. If you are lucky enough to find a small gunshop that still has NOS you may still get the old prices. They certainly took a big jump after eea quit importing them. It seems that things have leveled off a bit from what I've seen on this board. When one came up for sale for awhile it seemed they were snapped up fast at 300 plus prices. Lately they haven't been going as fast. I haven't been able to get any response from the new importer eea referred to, so who knows if and when more will come and at what price. So I'd try to talk them down a little if possible, but what a great gift. I have a few 20 ga mags if you need them , 3"ers. Whatever you do keep the lady who could back you up with an ak!