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  1. Ummmmm? I believe you meant General Douglas MacArthur. He was wayyyy to chummy with the Japanese after the surrender. Macbeau...
  2. I beg to differ…. https://youtu.be/eyjrUAimzZg There's nothing like a nice piece of hickory!
  3. I love this bit from the FAQ's.... The Tony Soprano signature series bat...for the aspiring Gambino Bambino! Question: im an italian gangster, and i was just wondering if the surface of this bat catches finger prints. Answer: The surface does have some grooves that are not deep, but a good enough tech could probably retrieve prints on some parts. High heat would be suggested to destroy the bat if worried about evidence. By KSSS on October 18, 2014
  4. If you buy foreign, make it American! The Saiga is just that... Russian Born, American enhanced! Macbeau...
  5. Tritiums... Go with Tritiums! Fuck batteries. They go dead then corrode. Now you have dead battery storage.... Irons or Tritium or Wire / etched reticle for me...
  6. I wouldn't call 150 shot "Sharpshooting"... He got the job done.... but...?
  7. Meyeah... We don't need "assault weapons" because we are not "qualified" or "competent" to have them.... All while civil unrest is unfolding before us.Cry me a FUCKIN" river on gun control! MOLON LABE! Macbeau sends...
  8. ...And how good of a sandwich they make while keeping their opinions to themselves....
  9. It's a 1:48" You can shoot minies, but they are hard to find pre-cast. Lyman once made a .45 minie mould, but it is long out of production. You can also find R.E.A.L. (Rifling Engraved At :Loading) bullets for .45 too. PRB, however, is hard to beat. Macbeau...
  10. At my high school, we had a small-bore rifle range INSIDE the school and rifles & ammo stored on campus....
  11. Awesome Sauce! I thought I was about to hear how you got the opportunity to help a Nigerian autocrat get his wealth out of Africa... Nice to see someone actually win something.
  12. Mmm-yeah.... Ask Native Americans how they feel about illegal immigration too...
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