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  1. Just back from the range, put another 300 through mine. I recently bought a cheapo 4x32 short scope from Amazon, and I wanted to see if it would hold a zero on my saiga. (this one NCstar 4x32 rubberized scope ) Held a zero just fine, sighted in just fine. Sufficiently clear image. My biggest complaint is one of the most common: I wish the eye-relief was a bit longer. Offhand I'm capable of a Minute of Popcan at 100 yards, with german milsurp, which is good enough for me. So this batch of 300 makes about 1200 rounds through the bugger. I have not had one single misfire, stovepip
  2. Was just chatting with a guest at work (I work hospitality in anchorage alaska) and mentioned getting a custom gun worked up from a shop down in LA. "Oh, Red Jacket?" "Heh, no, Clark's custom guns. I'm after a 10/22, I already have my saigas the way I like 'em." Amusing to see how successful Sons of Guns is.
  3. Tip for you; bring up a bag of very fresh citrus, give it to the front desk of whatever hotel you stay at. A huge % of people up here have never had truely fresh oranges in their life, and can be quite appreciative of the lesson. When I was working at the hotel with the Continental Airline crew, they used to bring me up oranges from Tejas whenever they were in season. The hotel quite liked those crew, and the various perks they got were pretty impressive.
  4. For being the official AK state, I sure do see a surfeit of ARs up here. Heard a joke recently. Q:"How can you tell a conservative from a liberal in Alaska?" A:"Conservatives carry .44mag and larger, liberals .357 and lighter."
  5. All photos aside from the moose and elk taken with a Nikon D80 with a 200-400mm Tamron f5.6 lens. (well, the aircraft and Denali pictures were taken with a Sigma 10-20mm ultrawide)
  6. Strikes me that such a system would be good for base defense also, though likely a bit out of your scope.
  7. TBH, I like the saiga build better than the full custom build. Would love to know if it'd work with the MD-20 drums though. Awesome ep. Did find Will chucking out Vince et all but keeping a cameraman around to be a bit silly. I'm guessing a trick with editing?
  8. I recently bought a compact 4x32 for my 16"er. I am using a low-rise sidemount for it, and am curious if anyone has recomendations on what distance to sight it in at? I was thinking 150 or 175 yards.
  9. TBH, I want to see more Saigas on the show. I know that they're kinda boring compared to a Mk19 or the like, but they're what I cut my gun-mod teeth on. Bring on a select fire s12 or even better, a select fire compensated s.308. (or get your hands on one of the 30-06s and make everyone on the board envious.)
  10. Honestly I'm just wondering how hard a barrel swap would be? Kreiger match grade barrels are quite affordable.
  11. . . . and he wants a long-range built .308. Anyone selling one presently?
  12. What is more amusing is that his mother is quite "anti" largely due to her daddy being from chicago. She'd never expressed much interest in guns aside from understanding they'd be necissary for her chosen job (park ranger). I got her a 9mm handgun after there was a stabbing next door, and offered to teach her gun safety and basic handgun marksmanship, and she was enthusiastic at the time. I also left her with a locking gun case, two combination locks (With different combo) a trigger and an action lock on the gun, just because I knew she had a toddler in the house. Seems her father FLI
  13. 50 round double-stack banana mag from the hotlips/steellips people. (Butler creek, iirc?) Never had one single failure with 'em, despite over 2k rounds through 'em.
  14. Took my 7yo godson out to the range. That is a 50 round magazine out of my 10/22 as quick as he could pull the trigger. He was scared of guns before the trip, now not so much. He knows the 4 rules backwards and forwards, and observed good safety all day. WTG Loch!
  15. Depending on the scenerio, either my .22 matchking (accurate little bugger) for taking game, a doublestack tokarev that doesn't exist, for being, well, silly ballistics wise, or my 10mm for stopping big game.
  16. I brought my new Yugo Tokarev m-57 out, and my Tanfoglio 10mm. My friend brought out his recently inherited 1958 era single action only ruger 7" barreled 44 magnum revolver. (first time out with it) To start out with, my Tokarev is amazingly easy to shoot. Least recoil of any centerfire I've ever fired. It is also the least accurate. It was chronying out at 1550fps with the Romanian milsurp. At 6c a shot, I'm going to try to resolve the accuracy issues. My Tanfoglio is having issues with magazine reliability. From what I've read this is due to the paint on the inside of the magazin
  17. I still get a chuckle at the "Don't try this at home" bit. Given that many of the people here on the board have done at least a conversion. . . What I would most like to see on the show? An s12 with an underfolder and an MD20 drum.
  18. Just ordered a hard chrome m-57 and 3 spare magazines. Have a source for milsurp ammo up here in AK AK land, so everything is good.
  19. I'm quite tempted by a B locally. Folds up tighter than the C, stores a magazine in the stock. Would be my first .223, a caliber I'm not particularly fond of. Is a bit mousefart IMO, but I consider the SU-16 to be among the best survival style rifles in the world. And you can't beat Kel-tec's lifetime warrentee
  20. Nice to see one of "the club" Now if they could put Dinzag and Mike in front of the camera.
  21. I hear you. That is one of the things I like about Alaska, is generally people are quite willing and happy to help if needs be. I've picked up stranded motorists on occasion, much to the terror of one of my friends. (You simply don't leave someone stranded 100 miles from the nearest services.)
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