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  1. id be interested in the t-hole stock,just cant figure out which one it is..............i have a con v. 308 that just wont balance (scoped) with the pistol grip.......can you e mail pics to an individual maybe?(i have no idea how pics work on computers)
  2. excuse my gnorence ,but are they 20 rders, steel,will bthey work in unmoded s308?
  3. i would take the middle romy buttstock if its avail
  4. the hole in the disconnector was oblong,there was no way my factory spring would fit in it.im wondering how long the spring is that you can order for the new disconnector is?also the factory disc. spring looks too thick(large) to fit in the small indent in the trigger properly (wont seat completely). so what i did was take an old firing spring out of my parts box and cut it to fit and was able to get the fcg back in and seems to work great onto the next problem;the rear tail of the disc. touches the rear triggerv guard screw after you release the trigger(not sure if that'll matter,a
  5. thanks jim.i had to cut on the arsenal hammer also........i tried your technique with 2 trigger pins but couldnt get it done (i wa sby myself)....the arsenal disc. had to be drilled out for the spring to fit into it too,but i think its still too long to fit in there properly
  6. how the hell do you gat one inb a 308 conv.?i messed up and got one vs. the tapco w/ sleeve
  7. SO I CONVERTED THE 554 WITH NO BIG ISSUES ,HOWEVER THE 308 IS PROVING MORE DIFFICULT .i got my 545 parts from ak-builder darren and used tapco fcg.but went back for another fcg for my 308 and he only had arsenal so i got that.well i realized when installing that it doesnt come with the sleeve,and after trying to jam the disconnector spring up into the disconnector i couldnt get the trigger pin to slide thru the trigger.so i just switche dout the 545 trigger(tapco) and put it into the 308 but there is a lil wobble side to side (trigger goes side to saide 1/8 " or so /......any opinions
  8. sre you ask9ing for factory stocks or aftermarket 922 comp. typwe stocks.i also need 2 tapco compliance stocks
  9. i weant something short,3x9 is not needed, but it has to have some magnification...i want a good one,i dont like the posp typesim looking at the 250ish price rnage......ityll be for targets out to 200meters and deer hunting in 50 yardish brush........remember we want to keep the scope short
  10. im thinking about keeping my 554 unconverted as the trigger doesnt seem so horrible
  11. are there issues with the hollowpoints and s.p.s feeding reliably?
  12. I've had a 308 for a couple of years, found a 5.45 for 299 ,used but in like new condition, has a huge scope mount on it. Front sight is horribly canted,like it was contracted out to Century or something. Well, any feedback is appreciated
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