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  1. I don't know much about Wolf .308, but I'm assuming here: non-corrosive?
  2. Nice gun dude. My brother's got one like that, minus the bayonet lug. The only thing is that it came with a shitty "Jam-O-Matic" 5 round clip, and he's been trying to get a standard 10 round fixed mag. You got any extras hangin' around that you'd be willing to sell?
  3. I've got a wood stock S-.308, and I love the wood stock so much that I'm not about to swap out for a synthetic and/or convert it. But wood isn't exactly waterproof (it swells and stuff). Its not one of my guns that I would throw in the mud like I would my SAR-1, but I still want the option to fire it under adverse weather conditions, rain, sleet, whatever. I didn't want to go with a shiny laquer finish, cause I like the finish its got now. So, I was thinking, what do you guys think of Thomson's Water Seal? You think that would do the trick to waterproof it while still keeping its current
  4. I kind of wondered about that too. So the little metal plate/spacer won't get in the way of the operation of the bolt carrier huh?
  5. Unfortunately, I don't have the money either. But keep posting it. SOmeone is sure to buy it sooner or later.
  6. I got my 22" wood stock .308 for $320 with state fee. But with the scarcity of these guns, $100 more than that isn't out of the question.
  7. $425 for the gun plus shipping? Instead of 425, if I pay shipping, could I just have it? Just kidding. Thats a great deal, if I had the money I'd buy it from you. Anybody else looking for a S-.308 should snap this up. With the rarity of these guns, that's a damn decent price for new in the box.
  8. Well, I'm using Australian .308 surplus, and last I heard, it was non-corrosive. I chalk it up to the high humiduty in my house. By the way, what kind of lube you say is good for metal? Moly is it? What brand do I buy and where do I buy it? Thanks.
  9. Its been pretty humid where I live for the past couple weeks, and after taking my guns out for a routine cleaning, I noticed that my AK-47 magazines have some spotty surface rust, along with the gas block and gas tube on my S-.308. I scrubbed out the gas system with solvent and a shotgun brush, wiped the rest down, rescrubbed the barrel, then put a light coat of oil over the whole thing. The bore is perfectly allright, but I was just wondering how hard it is to keep rust out once its taken hold. Thanks.
  10. I am deffinitely open to new shooting styles. I'd like to get a russian scope to see what thats all about. I was just wondering if you can get a good cheek weld when using a POSP scope on a sporter stock.
  11. No shit, man. I've been fiending for another S-.308 for awhile, but I just can't seem to find them anywhere. Damn EAA!!
  12. As we say around my neighborhood, "That is the pimp's best shit." Cool conversion!
  13. I don't notice any gap between the bolt carrier and the front receiver at all. It should close all the way. If you're talking about that *tiny* gap, that is normal. Even my Romanian AK (SAR-1) has a very small gap. The rotating bolt locks into the receiver anyway. AKs are cool like that. No worries.
  14. So, will a regular POSP scope be comfortable to look through on my sporter stock S-.308?
  15. Nice! You might consider a dragonov stock on that long-barreled bad boy. Great conversion! How's she shoot?
  16. My mount does have rings built in, I will be shooting at deer and elk. I'd like to get a scope with a reticle that has notches in the Y axis of it, just so that I know where to aim down range. See, I can't dial in the scope so that it shoots where I put the crosshairs (it shoots a little low) on account of the mount being so high above the bore. I'm speculating, but that's what I've gathered.
  17. Hey fellas, I want to get a Russian POSP scope for my Saiga .308. The only trouble is that I don't know if I should get a 4X, 6X, or 8X, and what mm lens. My Saiga is a 22 incher with a non-converted wood stock. I know that the Ishmash scope mount I have is angled farther back than normal AK mounts to compensate for the longer sporter stock, as compared to the shorter AK buttstocks. So, I'm asking: what kind of scope do I get that will work with my unconverted S-.308, and where do I purchase said scope? Or, instead of going through all the trouble of finding a scope that works, should I j
  18. Hey man, that looks fucking awesome! If I ever finda reasonably priced short barreled S-.308, I'm gonna go with that PG and stock. By the way, where did you get the PG and stock?
  19. WEll, hells bells. I know squat about threads and muzzle breaks. I guess either way, I would put some lock tight on the threads anyway... So rick, you still got one of those threaded adapters in stock? I get paid on Friday, so that's when I'm gonna buy one from ya. I'll PM you with details.
  20. So on the adapters, they're lefthand thread. Do you know which way the riflings spiral coming out of the barrel? If its left hand threads, they'd have to spiral to the right so that a muzzlebreak/flash hider wouldn't come off, right?
  21. Sweet! The scope really compliments the gun. If you've ever considered a flash hider, I know that rick-16 is making some vortex ones that fit over the FSB. I'm thinkin' about pickin' one up. I'm also thinkin' about pickin' up one of those scopes now too!
  22. This is totally awesome. Put me down for one. I've been looking for something for my S-.308 for a flash hider for awhile. Something that works well and that doesn't break the bank. And like Bob Barker says, the price is right. PS Have you considered making a muzzlebreak or a muzzlebreak flash hider combo?
  23. Hey Bob, I saw on your site the Saiga 22 in. with a flash hider on it. I haven't been able to find a S-.308 that has a FSB with a flash hider on it. Did it come from the factory like that and you just cut it down? Also, does anybody know how easy it is to take the FSB off a Saiga and weld a muzzle break/flash hider on it?
  24. I'm assuming both guns were converted to pistol grip?
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