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  1. I wanna quit smoking again... The urge & hatred of cigarettes only comes once a year or less... It sucks to be addicted to something that doesn't even get you loaded... Maybe it will work this time... Of course I'm smoking while typing this...

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    2. sadams4


      Definately do some reading on the e-cigs. some are placebos and only work for those that have the physical/mental addiction (ie have something in their hands to mouth addiction), the ones with actual nicotine works for the physical/mental as well as the chemical. I am using the ones from NPRO. SHoot me a PM if you want any further info! Best of luck to those that want to quit or help someone that wants to!

    3. VaiFanatic90


      There are other ways for Paul to satisfy his oral fixation ;)


      Haha, I'm just messing with ya bro. I've never smoked a cigarette in my life, having been around family members who did it all the time, I really grew to hate it. But best of luck to you.

    4. psl sniper

      psl sniper

      good luck man, its one of the hardest habbits to knock, but youll love that extra lung capacity!

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