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  1. You will be infiltrated. Plain and simple. Better keep it off the grid entirely, stick with friends and family and their friends and family. Big Sis is here already. You can bet on that.
  2. Holy shit! I was trying to make my S12 package a good deal for a fellow member , well I certainly succeeded.
  3. I'm sorry, I should have said receviver flat. I want a SS receiver.
  4. I have some Romy G kits I want to complete. I plan to waterjet my flats out of Stainless Steel. I'm wondering what grade of SS I should use. I am also going to black oxide all parts prior to build. Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.
  5. ****Sold Pending Funds**** Saiga-12, with Fiber-optic front bead, Tromix gas piston, four position gas valve(came with MD-20 drum), Ace folding stock w/1" recoil pad, Tapco FCG, Tapco p-grip, MD-20 drum with spare cover, 7 each Russian Izhmash 8-round magazines, 3 each Russiaan Izhmash 5-round magaazines, JTE mag-well(uninstallled) and somewhere I have a LRBHO kit that is also uninstalled. $2000 firm shipped to your FFL. Open to trade offers. ETA: I actually have 2 each of the LRBHO kits and found a 10-round AGP mag that goes with. Also comes with uninstalled Tromix bayonet lug. I s
  6. Having dealt with them once in the past I am not surprised in the least by this.
  7. There was a great thread on this about a year ago. You might want to search for it. It was a very interesting thread.
  8. I am so sorry for you Juggs. You know I know how you feel and my heart absolutely aches for you.
  9. Sorry to hear it Racegal you have my best wishes always.
  10. I was just talking about Popeye's this morning. Definitely worth the risk. I hear gunshots almost everyday in my neighborhood... usually my own. Country living is the shit!
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