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  1. Would love to see a "double drum" (one on each side. ...like my 100 rd. AR...
  2. I love it!!! It's so Hollywood! Sad they couldn't use saiga mags.. I've looked for 10rd. Mags and couldn't Find any..
  3. I would love to get the origin12 but I want a 50,000 Dollar a year pay check... So I'm sending it to my permanent life insurance... Down the road when the price comes down.. I'll pull the cash out of said life contract.
  4. Pauly, I lives in Salem just off sunny view... You do not have any of my parts.. But I'm willing to help..help in building the shed or I have a shed you can use...or I can help you get these things done and shipped.. What ever...we have met before and I went to your house when you lived in Portland. Soooo hit me up I can be a resource..
  5. That's why I save 1000.00 a month.. For retirement ;-) 200 lbs. of powder ain't going to pay for Long term care. Powder Vally... Sold out of all the powder's I like.. Wow!
  6. Oh I know I can order it...but haz-mat makes it not cost effective... I like to budget 20.-30.00 a month For powder... Not 300.-500.
  7. I'm not on a hunt for powder... But all the places that powder is sold in Salem Oregon have been dry for a year. I guess I could try to time delivery's at Bi-mart..but my inside man says when they do get powder its the stuff that most don't go crazy for...but only lasts for 2-3 days. I can't help but wonder if ammo,powder,bullet,and primer company's realized that 6 mo. before the first coming of BO...that he had a chance to win...tool up!!! All this talk about not wanting to make the investment for fear of getting stuck with extra tooling and inventory... Well by now it would have paid fo
  8. I got a 9in. barrel 300 blk..it's in pistol configuration. Someday I'll get it papered... Most of my reloads are between 130gr and 150gr supersonic... 200 yards right on target.. The difference is like .40s&w ( snappy) and .45acp (push) From my understanding the difference between say a 9 in barrel and 16 is 100/150 fps and accuracy is negligible... I love the versatility even though I haven't gone subsonic... yet.
  9. Thanks...I just need the projectiles.
  10. But you do like the 00 buck load? I was just trying to help...(slug the barrel) The way your going next you will try 450 bushmaster....LOL! J/k
  11. I missed the boat on this last year... Now 308 -150 gr. is spendy and hard to come by. I would think the troops are still using 308...so the flow should still be coming for mill surp....I love my 300 Blk. And reloading is getting hard to do.
  12. Slug your barrel...compensate for wad thickness.. 0000 I would think would be fine... But to be sure.. Slug your barrel.
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