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  1. Does any one know the make and model of a good thin pipe cutter?
  2. More details on this please? what should the TAT be threaded onto, how far, how soon, etc? I also second the question in reference to what type of pipe cutter was used? The one I have purchased seems too thick and wont cut far enough back.
  3. Hey so what tools did you use to shave down the mad catch (on the gun) and did you remove the part first or leave it in place?
  4. I had the same problem and I have plenty of experience using taps and drilling into metal. This had to be the time that things went wrong. The solution with the dremel worked best for me as well. Punching it out doesnt seem to work because the peices are so small and when they are practically fused with the metal of the trunion theres no room for the expansion that needs to take place for it to shatter. None the less, best of luck Drill and dremmel away!
  5. So I need a solid mount for my Eotech. It must be mounted forward of the rear iron sight. (because I'm picky and rear of the iron-sight mount will interfere with future upgrades)I currently have the UTG quad rail and I like cleaning my gas tube. Seeing as how there is no connection to the receiver other than "clamping it on" I worry about "zero-retention" after cleaning. Well this leads to the question What is the best forward rail for mounting an optic and keeping a zero (or close to it) with cleaning the gas tube?
  6. Hey there Bigtwin, check out http://www.solartactical.com/ For those of us in the less than free state of kali. They have the best answer I've seen for the bullet button for ak platforms. They also have a nifty "tool" for the bullet button. It basically turns your magazine into a tool and I will say it is actually very stable too. Here's hoping the legislation goes through for getting rid of the bullet button!
  7. well I finally got all the way through and where the hole is the nut that I'm using (also on a 6-32 size screw) doesn't have enough room to thread before the edge of the nut hits the side of the trunnion. So I can dremel down one side of the nut, or If you know what size nut your using on your 6-32 screw maybe it might work for me, even though our holes could be in entirely different locations. Here I was thinking the bullet guide install would be the easiest part to do on the conversion.
  8. Lentuk, were you at in Kali? If your in norcal can I pay you to weld in my bullet guide?(PM me if you'd prefer) You have quite the build there man! Its a bummer we have to put the anti-freedom devices over the mag release. =( Maybe some day this state will be free. Though moving to a free state seems to be the way to go. =/
  9. Out of curiosity about how many rounds have you put through it since?
  10. I like the idea of the button head screw and bolt. I'm a bit weary of re-tapping the hole I'm making currently, as there will still be trace bits of the old tap I imagine trying to tap the harder material might not go so well. As the feed ramp is a "high traffic area" does the screw/bolt combo ever come loose? I want to go with the most reliable as that's the reason I got this rifle over an AR. On a side note, I like the sand/black rifle on the top of your photo Al. I'm going with the OD green/ black on my rifle, admittedly I'm totally going to paint my safety selector after seeing yours!
  11. well I'm trying out the masonry bit, its working slowly but surely. I will say though welding it in place is starting to seem like a nice idea. would JB weld be sufficient or should I find me a welder?
  12. Well here's where I'm stuck. The broken tap is now flush, punching seems to be doing nothing more than bending my punch, Ive tried drilling out the tap but its too hard to get it started and to keep from "walking". While placing the BG on the area I think if I were to re-drill a new hole essentially where the hole on the upper right hand side of the photo is. (the one in the void of the tap) It does appear I would have enough room to still get the screw in. Any reason why that would be a no-no? The tap is poking out the bottom side which is why I'm guessing is such a pain in the ars
  13. Thank you to everyone who replied, everything was going good on the install until the tap sheered in half not even leaving a nub to twist out with some pliers. Any suggestions on that one? I tried a smaller cobalt bit to drill the tap out but the tap seems a harder material because its not even putting a dent in it. I might be able to move the BG a little left (if looking down the barrel.) and re-drill and tap?! would there be any precaution about doing so? Thanks again!
  14. Hey for those who have installed a bullet guide on their round trunnion 7.62' has the guide been flush with the end of the trunnion or does it stick out a little bit?
  15. Hey everyone, I was hoping to install my bullet guide today when placing on the (round) trunnion i was noticing it was not sitting flush with the end of the trunnion, should it be? or maybe there's some gunk under the barrel/chamber than needs to be removed so that it will?!?! Thanks for the info.
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