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  1. Chile, that is awesome! You are doing the dad thing right I think!
  2. Damn Patriot, great post! It got a little dusty in the room......
  3. I have disassembled my AK bolt one time, that was to polish it to a chrome like finish, then never had I done so again. It was real easy to do though. For cleaning I clean the out side with Hoppes #9, compressed air to blow it out. Oil using the same method.
  4. I have a Barska plinker 22 4x fixed scope on my 10/22 and it works well for my needs out to 100yds. It has been on my rifle for around 8yrs and has not failed. There is also a 3-9 version, I have no experience with but if it is as good as my 4x, I would expect it to be a reliable set up. And no , do not think I would use a Barska on my center fire rifles, but for cheap, I am ok with it on my 10/22. don't hold me to it but I want to say it was under $50. http://www.barska.com/Plinker-22_Rifle_Scopes-BARSKA_4x32_IR_PLINKER-22_SCOPE_with_Rings_1.html
  5. I voted black. The only non black I like is camo to match your surroundings. I don't care to make my tools "pop", they serve a purpose and get dinged and scratched. But that's just like my opinion man!
  6. the orange target was a 12 inch peel and stick i stuck on one of the targets i used to site the gun in. i was shooting at 100 yrds Very interesting. I may be tempted to replace my G2 soon. Thanks for the input.
  7. What size shoot-n-see target, and at what distance were you shooting?
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