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  1. Bought a “well used” genuine HK MP5A3 collapsible stock from HK Parts for my newly SBRed PTR 9ct. Looks old but works perfect. Doug
  2. Picked up a new range toy, PTR 9ct, which is an HK MP5 clone in 9mm. Already sent in an Efile Form 1 so I can put on a collapsible stock to give it the MP5A3 look. Doug
  3. I had to add these two targets. I bought a single box of Eley Match .22 ammo for $19.95 to see if I could get better performance at 200 yards. The left target below was shot with my CZ 455 Tacticool and Nightforce F1 3.5 to 15 scope. The right target was shot with the Win 52 and Unertl 14 power scope from the previous post. Black bull is 1” and outer ring is 2.25”. Not bad for a gun that’s over 80 years old!
  4. Here is my Win 52 with Unertl 14 power scope mounted and ready to shoot. Below are my first four 5 shot groups at 50 yards with Norma Match .22 LR ammo.
  5. Got an old Winchester 52 .22 Target rifle made in 1935 from my Stepfather. Gun shoots great with peep sights but my old eyes can’t do the gun justice so I bought a Unertl 14 power scope to make it look vintage. Still waiting on new scope blocks because this scope uses the Unertl Posa mounts. I’m learning a bunch about old rifles and scopes.
  6. I don’t know about old time but I joined in 2009. Still reading new posts almost every day and posting a little from time to time. Doug
  7. 1000 rounds Winchester AA Supersport 12 ga. 7.5 1000 rounds Speer Lawman 9mm 147 gr 1000 rounds PMC Bronze .223 55 gr 400 rounds Hornady 6mm Creedmoor 108 gr ELD Getting ready to shoot some long range and 3 gun! Doug
  8. Doug Hartley

    SBS/SBR Pictures

  9. Doug Hartley

    Form 1 or 4 Transfer Times.

    Just got my stamp for a Form 1 SBR. 165 days from check cashed to approval. Doug
  10. Google JBM Ballistics. Many of the phone apps use the same engine. Put in your info and print out a hard copy. I have Ballastic AE for my phone but I always have a hard copy of the basic info for my load in my rifle bag. Phone app is handy because you can put in actual conditions in the field. Doug
  11. I used 210M primers until they became hard to find. The last few years I've used 210 primers, they seem to work exactly the same. Doug
  12. Doug Hartley

    US Made R&R Bolts now in stock!

    The first batch of US made R&R Saiga 12 bolts are now in stock. Bolts are complete with extractor, spring and firing pin. Price is $275 and supply is limited so call Robert at (503)551-7283 to order. I should have the bolts listed on the website by tonight. Bolts are machined from 4140 and heat treated to 50 Rockwell then Cerecoated Sniper Grey. Doug
  13. Doug Hartley

    US Made R&R Bolts now in stock!

    I've had this conversation several times with Robert. He is a very small shop (1 man with some part time help) and has a limited amount of time and money to invest in parts and guns. He was disappointed that the bolts sold so slowly. He cannot afford to put thousands of dollars into inventory that will not sell in a reasonable amount of time. If a larger company that wanted to stock Saiga bolts decided to buy a bunch he might be willing to make a batch. As for his decision to produce his own shotgun design, I guess since its his company, he gets to make the decisions. Doug
  14. Doug Hartley

    US Made R&R Bolts now in stock!

    As of now Robert is swamped building new guns and dosen't plan on making any new Saiga bolts. If someone wanted to order 50 bolts he might consider building them. Doug
  15. Doug Hartley

    US Made R&R Bolts now in stock!

    I have a call in to Robert to see if bolts will be available soon. Doug
  16. Doug Hartley

    US Made R&R Bolts now in stock!

    Bolts are available on the website, randrtargets.com. Doug
  17. For a super quiet rifle, I bought a CZ 455 Tacticool. With suppressor and Federal Gold Metal subs it is super quiet and is fairly accurate out to 200 yards. It's stupid fun to shoot! Doug
  18. TruGlo Tru-Tec 20mm red dot sight. $116.13 shipped! Going on my 8.3" 9mm SBR. Doug
  19. KY, chocolate sauce, box of super tampons!
  20. Doug Hartley

    Form 1 or 4 Transfer Times.

    Called the NFA Branch today, my Form 1 SBR was approved April 27, 273 days from when they cashed the check! Whoo Hoo! Now just standing by the mail box each day waiting for the paperwork! Doug 1. NFA Item: AR-15 SBR 2. Form Type: Form 1 3. Transferee Type: Individual 4. Form 1 Sent: 7/22/16 5. Delivered:7/25/16 6. Check Cashed:7/28/16 7. Pending Date: ? 8. Approved Date: 4/27/17 9. Form 1 Received: 5/4/17 10. Picked up from Dealer: N/A 11. Examiner Name: Carrie Fishel
  21. Here is a video of the new R&R Targets Mag Fed Shotgun doing a mag dump in slow motion. Robert has about finalized the design and it is possible to pre-order them now. Call Robert for details at 503-551-7283. Doug https://youtu.be/JRydUg0hqDY
  22. The M&Ps are nitrided stainless. Best of both worlds! Doug
  23. Here is link to my facebook page with some new video of the Open version of the Wright 12. The barrel is easy to change in just a few minutes. Robert is taking orders for the first 50 guns. Well 49, one is mine! Doug https://www.facebook.com/douglas.hartley.581/posts/10154818737563557?notif_t=like&notif_id=1492799293285934
  24. It's already done, the back plate comes off with 2 pins and he has a no stock plate that attaches in it's place. Should be available same time as the regular guns. Doug