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  1. Crossposted I may have an offer for my rifle (without the bolt\carrier) So.....I may post the bolt\carrier for sale
  2. I wonder how 3D printed metal process compares to forging, and how the integrity of the metal can be advanced?
  3. Not sur how many UK members are here and willing to trade for a gun they would need to work on. Again, your best bet is a Molot AR adapter. By simply pushing out the hinge pin you will replace your current folder. Then tack weld the AR adapter open and you're gtg. I just meant the stock. Most of the US versions are welded in open position and one of those guys would prob trade for a folder
  4. Suprised no one has offered to trade you.......
  5. Straight cut would have allowed for alot more furniture options and possibilities for companies to make more money from sales......
  6. Not personally in the market.....but never knew of such competitions..... Would be cool if you added a pic of you wearing it and maybe some links to competition information.....
  7. You could make up for the 922r in other areas......
  8. Thanks for the warning..... Dont understand what would affect your credit score? I use my Citibank. Someone in another state purchased a $700 laptop (somehow with my card info). I filed a complaint. It was instantly removed from my credit card and the card company did the work to collect thier loss. Bought defective dining room set on my Citibank. Store was refusing to take the furniture back or refund any money. Citi bank instantly removed the funds off my card and the store had no other option but to take it back Like my Citibank.....
  9. Just bought my son an OPAP Lower handguard is split Really dont need a stock......just upper and lower? Interested? (only paid $560 shipped.....dont want to spend alot on furniture....)
  10. Why yes! It is still for sale...... http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/91000-wtt/
  11. Thanks. Hate to sell, but I have no cash to get other weapons I want..... Can provide any additional pictures\views you want....
  12. Sweetened the pot......Throw in my Kobra ekp-08-02 Russian Military Reddot Optic Sorry.....not offering the Kobra seperately.....only if rifle is purchased\traded
  13. That stock (for the S12) will mount directly to any other Saiga AK rifle\shotgun Ironwood does offer "finished" stocks as a service This guy does a very nice series of videos........ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6z0VEDhEMQ
  14. Well....I guess not...........
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