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  1. It really depends on your situation. For Example...I have a 5.56 rifle so I did not want to build a 5.45... I wanted a rifle that was .30cal so I chose 7.62x39 because ammo was cheap and it does alright out to 200-250 yrds (it is combat effective not match grade accuracy) If you want to build yourself- Saiga or VEPR is the only way to go If you want to buy- Rifle Dynamics, Arsenal and Waffen Werks If this is your only rifle for a while...I would do the 5.45 caliber..as ammo (once you can find it) is cheap...but it is corrosive ammo (milspec bulk)...so you must clean everytime you
  2. http://www.aimsurplu...m&groupid=64 I think by far the best setup out...I am saving for it...built in rear sight with a rail to mount a scope on or red dot while retaining a good cheekweld
  3. In your original post you rave how the mags have stood up to ABUSE and most complaints about Tapcos are not about them feeding reliably it about the there ability to with stand abuse. Your comments about your thread being based on "reliability" alone is incorrect. No need to get defensive and make broad statements about everyone. You need to re read my post....
  4. Here is the deal...this post was for reliability....not brute strength...there are so many internet ninja in this world its insane...talking about going to battle etc...have you ever had your life in danger by another human? 95% NO... Steel over polymer...steel will win every time...now do I plan on dropping my AK like that........UM NO....I have a sling for that. Again...THIS POST was about how reliable they have been for 1000rds not strength I am planning to keep this mag until it malfunctions....will keep it loaded to test feed lips over time....
  5. If it matters...the same mag at home, I would do mag changes repeatedly over and over...and the feed lips just have a "polished" plastic look...but no wear to them. Believe it or not...I broke a PMAG on the feed lip...have yet to break a TAPCO AK mag (magpul did warranty out the mag)
  6. Yeah these are the original design mags...
  7. Alrighty folks, Many have questioned Tapco Mags reliability...I am here to tell you that I have passed the 1000rd mark in 2 years time. Ammunition used: Tula and Monarch...no fancy, just go o'steel cased ammo Rifle: Saiga fully converted I never got a single misfeed or hiccup from these magazines. I questioned them as much as anyone else. I have subjected these mags to mag changes which followed them falling on rock, asphalt or dirt depending on where I was shooting. I even kept one of them loaded with 20rds of ammo for a year and that mag works flawless still...I just
  8. 2 years ago I bought my 7.62 Saiga for $249 shipped from centerfiresystems.com now they are in the $400 range..and good luck finding one....its a russian AK at the end of the day built in the same factory as Mr. Kalashnikov works at...I'll take a Russian based AK vs el cheapo and convert it
  9. I just popped off the "heatshield" thats spot welded to the gas tube...no fitting issues at all
  10. >>> NON BUSINESS MEMBER LINK <<< It is a GUNTEC USA version....I ordered one...good deal just wanted to pass it on
  11. My 7.62x39 Saiga dings my 12" gong target at POA from 70 yards standing...that is good enough for me
  12. Let me know what you got..rear sight
  13. Here is my finished Saige AK Converted. No tacticool or anything just a simple black rifle...shoots great Saige 03/09 Built-features Mil-Spec threaded barrel, dimpled receiver Full internal 922r compliant with G2 Trigger Tapco Galil Saiga Handguard ( many have said its not good but it has stood up so far 500rds and its rock solid still ) Magpul RVG Echo93 Single Point Sling Mount (best mod ever) Molot Grip Tapco Warsaw Length Stock True Hungarian AMD Muzzle Brake installed with crush washer( I am Hungarian, had to put something from the mother land )
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