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  1. i'm pretty sure you want to make elevation adj. on the front sight if you did it with your rear sight your giving up what the elevation wheel is for....
  2. i have a egr middy from delton, actually it was 2 but only 1 now.... both of them group great, have no ammo problems and seem to work fine with about any mag i've tried, mainly some leo marked mags i picked up at a flea market, and 4 colt 20's from the late 60's - early 70's
  3. if the gov has these expensive aks why do they have a 3rd party bring the goodies out to cross train the guys? around my parts a company called jtac brings out the nfa aks to train the troops.....
  4. the rifle looks nice, but i need to tell you a secret.... the only difference between uppers put together by bravo company, model 1, and del-ton is.... ....that laser etched bcm they use the same uppers, all of them, and so does dpms, on its flat tops.... i dont know about bravo, but i know del ton uses wilson barrels.... but, the rifle looks great, i'll be happy when i get my moe mid length hg's
  5. i used to do that, but now i work on motorcycles fucking hate coin....
  6. the pot was outlawed cuz it made better paper faster than pine trees.....do some research and you will find this to be the case.....ip, kelley, and some other paper people are fucking rich too....
  7. sorry to be a jerk but if one is loose and one is tight they both cant mic out at the same spec.....at least not all the way thru...they are a little looser at the back to get started i wanna say
  8. i learned to send it off instantly next time, but they used the might harm the ongoing investigation line....
  9. not at first but after they asked again and said please i said ok
  10. nah, no decoy, you have 5 miles of uninterupted interstate, it was 2 miles from the nearest exit other than weigh station.... they use shit like that to be able to stop anyone, for no fucking reason...
  11. no it looked just like the weigh station sign, next time i'll send it off before i get back on the bike and leave.... it was only in english no spanish bullshit here
  12. ok so yesterday after getting off work, i ran to the first truck stop in Louisiana to get some cigarettes, about a mile and a half into la. i saw a sign that said narcotics checkpoint 1/2 mile, so i stopped a took a picture of that mofo..... i was on my bike, i got back on waited till it was clear, and headed back on my way... about 30 sec-1min later i was "politely" asked by 2 dea guys and 2 la. state police to delete my picture, i told them no, i'd rather not, the guys, were nice but dressed like paintballers (wearing mesh tac vests and hoods and shit) did they not want a pictu
  13. better than the one i saw in ft. worth for 250 bucks
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