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  1. I just did mine in 10 minutes. Drilled the hole, then used the tap and turner it with pliers backing all the way out every half turn. It went through with no problem and no oil.
  2. Polak

    5.45x39 ammo

    Dansammo.com $155 for one. $300 for two.
  3. Polak

    5.45x39 ammo

    Picked a tin for $162 today
  4. If you have a muzzle device, it must be permemantly attached and no flash hiders allowed (if it's the same AWB law as in NJ. Which it most likely is.)
  5. What did you pay for this rifle if you dont mind me asking? The rifle was $464 shipped.
  6. That's the price of a Saiga 332...wow
  7. Here she is next to my 5.45.
  8. My newly converted 7.62 with my 5.45.
  9. I just converted one. Conversion is the same... I don't know about threads under the sight... Bullet guides are different shapes. Some are flat, some are round.
  10. How's the handguard fitting? Did you add any heatshields? The bottom handguard doesn't fit too well, and there is no heatshield.
  11. Here she is, although not quite done. I'm still waiting for the FCG, pistol grip screw and muzzle brake. I'll get much better quality pictures after I'm completely finished.
  12. It doesn't have to be pinned if your state doesn't require it. Evidently you've never done a saiga conversion because it's the same process. The trigger hole is where the pistol grip is mounted. There are many threads about conversions.
  13. How much are you selling it for?
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