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  1. would you be interested in parting out, I'm interested in you upper and bcg and charging handle, but not the barrel, and buffer tube and spring... pm me if you wanna do something...thanks
  2. here is another Romanian wood set I refinished for a friend using the true Russian formula of iodine and amber shellack...
  3. I guess I'm not the only one who did this! lmao!!!!
  4. I just did a set, with amber shellac and iodine, I stain it first with minwax "spice"... came out pretty good...I still want to experiment, ordering some more wood and that pine tar...
  5. I know, been there I cannot join because I use yahoo for email. I would like more info. and would like to contact the guy called Sinatra on that forum...
  6. mr scratch what technique did z-recto use to refinish? is it the pine tar shellac turpentine technique? is z-recto on this site? ps super nice wood!
  7. looking for more info. on using pine tar technique with my siaga and Romanian wood. set, I can't find pine tar locally, but they have a rag impregnated with pine tar for getting a better grip on baseball bats, at sports authority I'm wondering if I can use this instead of the Swedish pine tar and get the same results? this is the look I'm after borrowed from arnoob on firearmstalk.com beautiful stuff!
  8. I wanna refinish my romanian wood and want to buy some pine tar... there is a guy called Sinatra on ar15.com site that has it i think he was selling some but I can't get in contact with him...
  9. this happened to me, solved after posting pics. post pics it helps...
  10. here is mine, i did all the work myself with some forum help, of course!
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