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  1. Just found my cook stove in the shed with a gallon of white. Put it there 20 years ago. Stove is rusty but gas look like it is good.
  2. Found this site when I discovered the saiga ,did the conversions and have been here since.
  3. In all respects, we should let this be until he is in the ground. He served, lets give him the respect that's due. you guys have a great day
  4. Did my last set of meetings in Orlando for 2 days and now we are at Melborn beach Fl for few days. will do the beach tomorrow.
  5. I think the gun industry has solved their bank issues as a lot of guns are being made and sold search engines are no different now than they were yesterday. Its not that they will deny because they can . Its if they do ,they will be challenged as they have always been. The web does not restrict porn , because they cannot restrict it. As for the electoral college , they want to get ride of it when it benefits them. They think that it can be changed in a simple way. It need a amendment to the constitution , a very long process. good post
  6. I think gun manufacturers, ammo , sporting good stores ….. their webs could be setup as a network for commerce and information. This would take the place of face book and give money from company's to the video producers. Face book makes its money advertising . A gun face book would do the same. Face book is a web site for money. Someone is going to do this. and there has to be the same personal account features that face book has. What is out there now may be part of a bigger deal
  7. Time is about time. Time that you will never have again. I pay someone to cut my grass ,have for 25 years. ( worth every dime)
  8. Bullet weight , jacket, seating and how hot and type of powder used also will make a difference in how a barrel will last. I have heat treated all my new guns before break in with Frog Lube and it has helped with accuracy and wear to a point . I have no stainless barrels for a reason . I am playing with 5R rifling right now which may help a barrel go farther but time will tell. I also keep track of barrel temp as some guns shoot better cold than warm I used to think that hammer forging may be part of this problem but I am not so sure now as it happens on non hammer forged bar
  9. The wife came to me with pictures of flower shelfs that you put on a any flower patio. "Can you make them ?' she asked I said " yes no problem, Why?" "Well we could start a business making them and selling them on ebay". Just retired and now,she want to start a business. YOT is this a business or does someone rent the land and does all the work?
  10. Another vote for 0 turn , money well spent. Think of the time and energy you will have for other things? You cannot put a price on that.
  11. Been in the hospital 2 more times due to a drug reaction, the secondt time I thought I was going to die, the pain in my chest was so great. Turned out to be the beta blocker and since they have taken me off of it I feel like my old self. In fact I finished all the back logged paper work for my past job and have one more thing to do. I have to go to a forum in Orlando next month for 2 full days of meetings , I really do not have to do it but I want to. The person who has taken over for me is doing a great job and I only get texts about people who would like to call an wish me w
  12. I think you know what I mean. They break them we fix them.
  13. This can be true for some but going to a good school can give novice a better perspective and teach them that the only thing that ruins a gun is a Dremel. I have fixed guns since I was 12 years old but understanding how each gun works and what you can do with them has always involved study and the right tools and how to use them. I still remember threading my first barrel I was a wreck but after it was over, then you think to yourself " that was it ?" that was years ago. Only Botched 2 jobs in my life a AR trigger because I was in a hurry and a cold blue job (never again) on a shot
  14. Never tolerated in the Navy Lose your self control ,lose your commission
  15. Any time you can go to school and do what you love better is a good Idea. If you go to the school it will open up a ton of roads you never thought possible. As for the barrel in your gun being shot out that may not be so. when I shoot a rifle with a thinner barrel I keep track of it temp. Some guns shoot better cold and some shoot better warm. Also 30.06 is not a bad round .
  16. Trump will win , he has not lost yet. The Swamp can be a smelly thing
  17. YouTube is in a transition they are dumping a lot of controversial material guns, pot smokers, conservative people But we always need to realize for the most part people making content for their channels are making money. It is about the money, some of these people make a very good living doing this. I have developed and run 2 websites that can upload video, but the problem is why would I want to do that for others if it is on my dime. Because it is my dime it is also my data. in other word there is no incentive to let others share their material for free. Wh
  18. If it is a old gun why not try doing it yourself. Taking a barrel off is nothing . I think that most guys that work on their guns have had to risk hurting the gun in order to advance in knowledge and skill. If it is just a barrel get a good one and go for it. and when you shoot it you will have something. The money spent for tools will be the difference in the cost of hiring a gun smith. And it is almost as fun as reloading. Reloading is what will give you your dime shooter. I also think you can do the mag upgrade with the 700 adl
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