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  1. I had a grip loosen on me once, It was the ONE PART I didnt locktite. Never again.
  2. I actually just recently sold my 20". It didnt seem any more accurate then my 16", and if anything less accurate.
  3. Thank you much. It is. I'll have to have my brother take some pics of it's fire ball. It's impressive....to me anyway Almost afraid how long it took to get the stamp.
  4. That looks great. I was really considering using my tantal folder on mine, but dont feel like tearing out the trunion.
  5. 100 yards? Even with slugs you going to have around 10 + inches of drop at that range you know. Check out primary arms, or vortex. Both make great, lower cost optics.
  6. Pretty much all "dot" sights have some of whats called blooming on higher settings. My friends aimpoint looks just about the same as my m3-multi. Personally, the corsshair settings on my m3 multi look a lot cleaner to me, and are easier for my eye to pick up anyways. Also, be sure you are shooting both eyes open, using one eye seems to make the blooming effect look even worse.
  7. a US made stock is like 25 bucks. Why bother messing with it.
  8. Looks like your running way hot, and have no back support. But I havent done any welding in a few years, so I may be off a bit.
  9. Id worry more about northern CA. I lived in both areas. So Cal most the people are to brain dead to understand the laws enough to try to push them onto others. Take care Zac
  10. Form 1 in the mail next week. -former CA resident. Enjoying Texas. Stop lumping us all together btw, I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate if we lumped you together with all the trailer trash in certain parts of TX would you?
  11. Not a fan of single points in 16"+ barrels. The twig and berries need to be protected when you transition/drop the rifle. Hope you get what Im saying.
  12. this thread brought a tear to my eye. I had to go pet my rifle and tell it everything was going to be ok.
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