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  1. I have 5 of these mags and never had an issue. I take care of them though and havent gotten crazy with abuse: tossing/dropping, clamping down on them when firing, etc. Among 2 drums that also work great, I have 20 of the shooting times 5rnd mags. They rock for the price I paid a few years ago (like $7 each in a bulk order; maybe they cost more now?). The izzy 8rnd mag is probally the best and a perfect size IMO but not for $109 each... WTF?
  2. http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/01/us/kentucky-accidential-shooting/index.html?sr=fb050213kentuckychildshooting230p FOR ALL THE IDIOT PARENTS OUT THERE WITH LITTLE KIDS WITH LOADED GUNS JUST LAYING AROUND THE HOUSE "IN A SAFE PLACE" (hopefully none here), LOCK YOUR SHIT UP!! FUCKTARDS.. This is exactly what we dont need right now.
  3. 2armor

    magazine or gun

    Be carefull hand cycling live rounds. Yeehaw.
  4. Like almost all gas guns, the bolt wont turn and unlock if nothing (no port gas) is pushing the op rod/piston/puck rearwards.. Just take your gas plug off and shoot it.
  5. 2armor

    magazine or gun

    Sounds to me like you need to open (or align) gas ports slightly if slugs are barely ejecting.. Other than that, it sound like the mags need broke in.. Next time you shoot it rule out the gun with the OEM mag because you said it worked fine. Guns are like engines, too many mods (variables) at once and it becomes harder to diagnose.
  6. On some Saigas, Ivan had too much vodka or something because he screwed up drilling the actual gas ports in the barrel and sometimes aligning the gas block with the ports. You can change/adjust plugs all day long on some S12s and it wont help until you fix the (lack of gas) porting issue. I had to redrill and re align 3 new S12s now and go a little larger on the three ventholes. When new all three would only cycle reliably on high brass slug/buck. The principal with the gas venting is to have just enough to cycle light economy rounds most like to play around with but not over pressure with
  7. I miss the AGP Arms deal: FIVE 10rnd mags for $100 (assy required).
  8. 2armor

    magazine or gun

    Hard to diagnose without seeing.. but, Did you mod the S12 like put in lower power field load recoil spring set? Does it happen with the stock mag? Are the round easilly stripped from the promag drum / SGM mag by hand after? Does it happen everytime or say only when the mag is say topped off, etc? What is preventing fwd motion? Can you just foreward assist with you palm on the charging handle or do you have to pull the mag each time?
  9. Your avatar needs some crosshairs on it..
  10. Insane. I have two of them brand new that Ive never used (gifts).. Not even sure if I like them. I usually prefer the 20s 30s are nice to. I have a steel 45rnder and its too big IMO..
  11. So now one may need to change the GENERAL DISCUSSION decription to read: "ANY TOPIC BUT POLITICS WELCOME HERE". ttt
  12. The Taurus 24/7 does have "second strike" capability, and an external safety. I have a Long Slide .45, love it! It's basically their "OSS" model but with a black frame. The OSS model was developed for the latest round of test a couple years ago, but then those tests were cancelled. I do not know if it would pass some of the other torture tests, don't plan on hammering nails with it myself. Nice pistol but I dont think it was around in the mid 80's to get in line. Another requirement was solid metal frame so that puts it out in itself. Another old school general/admiral thought proce
  13. The Military uses them first and foremost because they were the low bidder on the contract at the time. Second, the Military has a hang up regarding pistols being required to have an external safety so the Glock was out of the question, Sig and HK were to pricey although these latter three brands are currently used widely in SOCOM. Correct and good points, they were the the best contract deal (lowest price) and also a MFGer who could meet such a huge MFGing quanity demand but dont forget the M9 did and does meet or exceeded ALL PDW MILSPEC requirements. I definately wouldnt come across as i
  14. Back in the day, they used to have some cool surplus finds and good prices. Not so much any more.. Kinda like most guns shows now adays..
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