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  1. Shooting illustrated sept 2017 issue with the shockwave on the cover, page 57 says: Also of note is that the shockwaves legal definition, and subsequently its legal status, would definitely change is the end user altered the gun by adding a buttock or making other modifications. Mossberg warns its customers of this in a letter included with each gun. In short, don’t mess with the damn thing
  2. Pretty sure you just manufactured an sbs there. The legal frame work around the shockwave design makes modifying it a no no
  3. I'm willing to bet that Beretta will fix that for free if you send it back to them and tell them what happened
  4. Uzi's are nice but lets be real, a MP5 is the cream of the crop in 9mm carbines.Sure if you got 40 grand to waste, 15 for an Uzi is bad enough Modify that thing for your comfort.I'm thinking of modifying the stock to a regular pistol grip, I like the look. That's not bad but it kinda looks like shit. I'd almost go for a 9mm ar instead that takes Uzi mags, I have like 50 of those
  5. I'm a huge fan of the Beretta 92, and I have more 15 round mags than I can count. But I have huge banana hands and the thumbhole stock style grip on the storm isn't comfortable for me. Plus I have an Uzi SMG, and when you own one of those, no other 9mm carbine is possibly as cool.
  6. You're all fools, don't you know why Pauly disappeared?? He got a job at Eotech. And now he has all your sights. 50 days later you're still waiting for money. Dumbasses!!!
  7. I still find it amusing that people call Texas the standard for gun freedom when they are so restrictive. Even funnier that 2 liberal New England states are among the most free, VT and NH
  8. You guys are missing the point of the article. The author had it wrong. They didn't kill everyone AFTER, the owner refused and the perps started popping his family one by one until he opened it.
  9. "What I'm manufacturing are our own AK-47s and shotguns under the Kalashnikov brand." http://money.cnn.com/2015/01/20/news/kalashnikov-made-in-usa/index.html
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