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  1. Everyone where I live is just buying up the ammo and scalping it for 2-3x on Facebook, I yelled at a friend for doing this with .22 bricks.....
  2. It's that BAD in the thumb of Michigan, HUGE influx of democrats (welfare recipients) from the Detroit region in the past 5 years, It's getting pathetic in Michigan.
  3. What part of SE MI do you work in and have you seen any .223? Bad Axe Huron County, .223 is dried up, .308 is dried up, we get 7.62x39,.40,9mm,.45, .380 sporadically and of course all of the odd rounds are in stock, Caro has a far better and Bigger Firearms and ammo selection though. Randy's Sporting Goods typically has had some ammo they are our biggest sellers of Firearms also Dunhams up here is okay I know they had .223 BULK BOXES a few weeks ago but they were gone before they hit the shelf, I asked if I could take ammo out of the unopened crates and they said go for it. I haven't looked
  4. This is what I hear as a worker. 1. After Sandy Hook they had a Teleconference that they were going to stop selling "assault rifle's" such as AR-15's and any "military" rounds. 2. About 2 weeks later that was reversed, we figure that the came to the conclusion it wouldn't be the best move damage (PR) wise. 3. We are still getting ammunition and firearms, the ammo dries up within hours I know I've personally watch 13 Federal 550 packs disappear within 4 hours (1 box limit also) It's mostly supply and demand if ANYTHING they unfortunately want universal background checks so more people g
  5. My first conversion Hogue Grip Dinzag G2 Rhineland Forearm Magpul AFG Refinished Laminate stock Birdcage style Flash Hider CSSPECS 15 rd VLTOR Dark Earth Duracoat Much more work to come
  6. If he was a patriot that intruder would be dead, but honestly in 30 years this is actually realistic. The youth of the USA expects handouts, my generation is going to be a disgrace to the constitution I fear. Too many people in this nation are living in the welfare state that a republic is going to be hard to hold on too. Being rather young I am afraid of what my children will have to face. This is a scary but very real possibility thats why we must fight every step but be more civilized in conversation. I think we are winning now but another "incident" so soon and we can probably say goodb
  7. I just put a rhineland forearm on mine and it worked required a little fitting, but it the exact same as the weaponeer; it is maple but like half the price.
  8. At work in the break room I love the dirty looks from the "hens" I work with lol
  9. Hello I have a converted Saiga .308 with a dinzag modified g2 trigger in it. The trigger is very light at about 2.5lbs and then there is a crisp break. I found when i take the trigger to the crisp break leave it there and then try to put the safety up the weapon will engage the hammer. Is this normal? Also there is a thin metal piece that looks like it goes onto the end of the gas tube (reciever end) but when i try to put it on the gas lever wont fully set down, without the piece it seems loose It was in a bag of parts i had after i sanded the rifle for a coating.
  10. I have two 24 rd Pro mags, When I first got them they had issues failing to feed, about 50 rounds through both of them, they had no issues after that. I think that some of the polymer was rough and needed to be wore in so the follower would ride smoothly.
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