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  1. The cost of threading may be an issue for some, but the gas tube and retainer are not really relevant to the discussion about threading the barrel and adding a muzzle device. You're right. I got my wires crossed. I was thinking about adding original handguards.
  2. I've only shot my Saiga 5.45 without a muzzle brake. I was really surprised at how light the recoil is. Maybe putting the brake on will reduce the felt recoil even more. But for me, the cost of threading the barrel and buying a new gas tube plus a retainer, and making a notch in the barrel just isn't worth it.
  3. I had the same problem with Dinzag's website directing me to a spam sight as well. In terms of the G2 trigger...I ordered a conversion kit from CSS and just put it together yesterday. I don't know why they need to be modded...but the trigger is sweet! I'd just buy from CSS and not worry about it.
  4. Yes. This is the original part that contains it: http://www.cross-con...sion/Step_7.htm Thanks for the response. Oddly enough, my kit came from CSS today and my G2 came with its own disconnector spring. Thank you for the help though!
  5. Ok. My kit is coming in the mail and I'm about to do my conversion. One quick question though- I see that the G2 trigger doesn't come with a disconnector spring (I guess that's what its called). Is there a spring in the Saiga trigger group that I'm not seeing that I can use?
  6. Mississippi Auto Arms has them.
  7. 5 minutes, a mallet and a dremell. A dremel? Doesn't he (and I, in a few weeks), have to thread the barrel too? That's what I thought too. I've heard about the bolt on ones flying off the end. That's doesn't sound good to me. Maybe I'm wrong, but the only reason for a brake is to control the rise from recoil when firing FA right? Therefore, everyone just puts it on there for looks. If you're like me, you don't feel like tossing something on there purely for "cosmetics". That's what AR's are for. Well, I did some research, and apparently some Saiga's DO come with threaded barrels if you dremel off the muzzle cap (not sure what else to call it). I haven't found any examples of 5.45 Saigas having the threads though.
  8. 5 minutes, a mallet and a dremell. A dremel? Doesn't he (and I, in a few weeks), have to thread the barrel too?
  9. Thanks for the responses guys...and for enduring my hundreds of questions.
  10. I'm still a few weeks out from getting everything I need. I'm a little leary of Tapco, but the price is right, and how hard could it be to make a buttstock? Are their standard AK buttstocks good to go?
  11. Thought this was a relevant link- http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=1&f=5&t=1134153&page=1
  12. No..but why is the kit listed in the "Saiga Conversion Parts" section?
  13. That's a strange way to put together a Saiga conversion kit. You will definitely need a hammer and disconnector. Thank you. I've emailed K-Var already and so far they haven't responded back. I think I'll give Dinzag or CSC my business.
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