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  1. Potential home defense round. I was lookin from corbon site for this, but they only got the regular loadings for .500 sw. If they can load it with frangible or pre fragmented bullets. These big snubbie will give a better future in my family. Is there any bullet maker that do this?
  2. saigist- i just bought a russarmy watch from vostok, how do you rate it? do russian like it? btw all i need for my saiga 12 is a drum magazine if there's any. nice to hear from you..
  3. asintaderoche


    never been here for a long time, i had once that kind of problem. i have posted some time ago about my conversion of usas 10 rd mag to saiga that cause me a great puffs. it happens the same way it is. in our so many solutions, one really helps a lot. of course the shotgun should be really clean to start with. now if you look under the bolt there's squared metal indent (in 1911 slide this is like a part of the breach face) that helps pick up the shell then push it to chamber. if you would feel this with your finger, this has a very sharp edge and corners. now during recoil this part will cause
  4. just a spray of wd-40 is enough, don't overlube any gun except if you keeping it for a long time. if you love your gun always clean it wipe it dry and pssssssssst just enough, the gas chamber should remain very clean and dry this is the heart of every gas operated gun, so keep it clean...
  5. i spent weeks figuring out how to convert that mag and just when i thought it was already perfect after so many trial and check, i finally use it for competition. The magazine just wont empty its load without a jam. dammmm why i'm not contented with the saiga 8 rounds i got. there's so many problems that the converted mags may encounter... i think it's not a good idea to convert it.... my conversion project was equiped with lath and milling machines so my job for it is not that cheap and it was a 3 brain work..... did anybody here has the same experience?
  6. i also want to know the new velocity fps, coz right now i wanted to cut my barrel that short...
  7. picture please...damm you're a good writer.....also the tech details..
  8. didn't the russian thought of selling some of their stuff on-line...maybe we can try some of that drum mag...
  9. cleaned the gun pretty well and lube it all over except in the gas chamber, this area remains dry...just gun scrub it with bore cleaner and wiped it till i was satisfied its really dry...if this work... i'm gonna include this ritual every time i clean my saiga.... removing the gas selector is very easy i thought i'm going to spend some time figuring it out....thanks..
  10. just finished the match today with multiple failure to eject the fired shell. the bolt does not travel full back, instead it returns ahead and catch the fired shell jamming the action with a chamber loaded situation, so racking the bolt will cause a doubled feed. i had just cleaned my gun before that, the gas regulator set on #2, i'm using the same shot #8 birdshot in all my matches before 'til now.....in one full 8 rounds i'll have 3 jams...is the gas port already dirty? never cleaned that thing since i got it......can anybody help.. thanks...
  11. ZakherBakher...... where can we get that drum mag of yours......thanks
  12. i find it easier to load with an open bolt, the 8 round mag can take 9 i have tried it. the prob i get is when releasing the bolt its sometimes go halfway home. so i have to help it chamber a round by push..
  13. sorry jackhammer, but i just do it in sport shooting where the target don't shoot back. to rack the bolt one handedly i have to place the butt stock to my belly, thigh or the center of stomach. i'm using my thumb hooking the thing while my other fingers hold the receiver, kinda have a big hands....
  14. USAS12 is just a 2 3/4 shell gun,thats the one thing i didn't like it. same with spas15. it is not designed to feed 3" magnum.... think it over. and it really weight a ton.....
  15. the way i reload or change mag: combat shooting competition 1. i always count my shot to target, chamber loaded and 8 round mag inserted was consumed in shooting position, i removed empty mag 2. lower weapon to belly or belt level (the butt should be pressed on my belly to help hold the weapon) 3. rack the bolt open with my right hand as my left hand grab a fresh 8 round mag 4. turn the weapon sideway horizontal 5. insert fresh mag with the front mag hook portion first then the rear will follow 6. release the bolt by racking it first before quick releasing ( sometimes the spring is no
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