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  1. I think whoever suggested that the russians desgined their sniper scopes to be used with the left eye must be left eye dominant. Check this pic out: That's a russian squad marksman using his dragunov in Chechnya - and he's using his right eye... hmmmm Maybe he didn't pay attention during training? :lool: Oh, found another one that didn't pay attention: And another: Seems that none of these guys is doing it right: I think we can safely say that you're supposed to use your right eye with these scopes.
  2. there are no ready made flash hiders or other muzzle devices for the s308 - the rifle's front sight base needs to be removed and replaced and the barrel end reduced in diameter, etc. or have one welded on the end of the fsb - do a search and check what's been done by others.
  3. Dude - you need to re-install the spring - they don't lose tension like that at all - and there's plenty of tension when installing - maybe go look at the conversion web site - I think it shows proper install. Everything is fine - you might need to adjust the rs fcg a bit though - they give specific instructions with the group.
  4. http://www.cross-conn.com/Saiga_Conversion/Step_1.htm
  5. Just submitted my order for 4 more 20 rounders from the fuzzy bunny. I also posted a "review" on gunsnet and got a lot of compliments and interest. Its really great to see an industry supplier go to such lengths to satisfy customer demand - I really hope they make out on this deal overall - they deserve to!
  6. Just thought I'd show ya'll the mag pouch that I have that works good for the new 20 round FBMG mags: This is a pic from cheaper than dirt, not my favorite catalog house, but its the only pic I could find. Anyhoo, this chest rig works very well for the new mags - you can put three in each of the large side pouches and one in each of the three center pouches for a total of 9. Plenty good. This is intended for standard ak mags but as indicated it works well. Standard FAL mag pouches are too short for these mags BTW - I checked that while I was at it too.
  7. I had to change my address too BTW - so don't worry about that either.
  8. First a couple pics: They're here! And they fit great and look great. I can't wait to go test em at the range. Only problem is... now I need to order more! Thanks FBMG. And for you guys and gals still waiting - be patient, they'll get there.
  9. If you're talking about hard cast bullets then the answer is that they would either lead very badly because you have to push them to near full velocity to cycle the action or they wouldn't cycle the action. Saigas are designed specifically for standard pressure 150-165 grain loadings - jacketed bullets. If you want to shoot hard cast bullets, then stick with bolt actions, single shots, pumps, levers, etc. - or autoloaders that are chambered for cartridges with velocites 2,100 fps or less.
  10. Huh, looks longer in the pic - in reality, the NATO length is what? only 1" longer or so. But it does make a difference for taller shooters. That's the same buttstock that I have on mine.
  11. The answer to your quandry is to use loads with 150-165 grain premium bullets - you're hunting, not plinking so you won't be shooting much - Winchester Fail Safe comes to mind - I handload and would just use 150 grain triple shocks.
  12. His buttstock is the same as mine - only the NATO length - from KVAR - the pistol grip looks to be FAL style - probably also available from KVAR. Looks good with the longer barrel - balances the rifle out nicely.
  13. I made an address change too, but I notified FBMG twice about it - trusting them to have changed it. And the holiday did screw things up - I have another order that shipped on the 17'th and it hasn't arrived yet either.
  14. No problem - BTW, welcome to the board!
  15. Agree - leave your new S308 in its long-barrel configuration - use a nice 4xPSO scope on it and try some match 308 ammo and be prepared for a pleasant experience. And get a 16" model to convert to pg config like this: This is the most "basic" pg conversion and took a little over an hour to accomplish - not counting the receiver painting and baking. Or, if you decide you want a battle rifle instead of the sniper/designated marksman rifle, then sell your long barrel and use the funds to get a 16"...
  16. I don't have mine yet either - and I had an address change... But, I'm just going to be patient and wait. They'll come.
  17. Just to pick up where that thread left off, the stock Saiga with 8 round mag has 14 countable imported parts. So you have to replace 4 of them if you want to make this into an "assault" rifle and use the high capacity mags. The FBMG mags have us-made body and floorplate with russian followers (I thought these were us too, but I guess not). So, that leaves you with two imported parts to replace. Personally, my answer to this situation was to convert my rifle to pistol grip configuration using K-VAR buttstock and pistol grip and Red Star fire control parts and that replaced 4 impo
  18. I've been reading a lot of posts about AK's with side rails and optics. Many complain that the accuracy with the optics is no better or even worse than with the iron sights! I have a theory: the scopes that seem to have the most problems are big and heavy... and so when the rifle recoils, they tend to move more (having more mass, they don't want to move when the rifle fires and therefor place more stress on the mount) - and this causes the inaccuracy. So, I would recommend a 4x PSO - they are lighter, illuminated, inexpensive and 4x is a more useful magnification for this rifle IMHO.
  19. does look nice - and it is a countable part if its imported. Buttstock is imported? You counted the buttstock...
  20. You forgot the "Magazine Body", "Floorplate", and "Follower" . . . so the total is 14 countable parts. FBMG mags would replace the magazine body and floorplate. Down to 12, so he needs to swap two more parts. Replacing both the existing buttstock and handguard with a US-made stock and handguard, lowers the imported parts count to 10 . . . Note that if the buttstock has a distinct pistol grip (such as on a drag stock , etc.), than it counts as two parts (search for the ATF letter I posted on this matter sever months ago). However, as O.S.O.K. correctly points out, this doesn't help e
  21. Boy oh boy - once an idea takes seed, it sticks forever. To stay good with 922r, you need to focus on the IMPORTED countable parts only - counting us-made parts can send you to the wrong place. Stock Saiga 308 without mag has the following countable IMPORTED parts: barrel receiver trunions buttstock handguards (one part) bolt carrier bolt gas piston 3 fire control parts (hammer, disconnector, trigger) So, 11 countable parts. So, you need to REPLACE one of the IMPORTED parts with a us part to get into complience. I suggest the gas piston unless you really want a new
  22. "dance with the one that brung ya"
  23. $400 to convert? Check this out: http://www.cross-conn.com/Saiga_Conversion/Step_1.htm Do it yourself for about $150 or so - depending on the buttstock that you get. Buttstocks like the Romanian PSL have are available and will fit perfectly or you can use an ATI or Choate for some more $$$ - but not $400. Its very easy to do the conversion and change out the fire control group - most all recommend using the Red Star fire control group (shown as Vepr 308 group). Here is a pic of one that I did and put an ATI stock on: It cost me $500 not counting the scope. You can get Romani
  24. I don't beleive there's a mag limit in Texas. Check the regs - I haven't seen any. Lots of guys hunt hogs with these. The issue 8 rounders are good to go. Accuracy - how good can you shoot? The rifle will typically give you 2" groupings at 100 yards - plenty good for hunting. You can do better - just have to test different loads or manufacture's. I'd stick with 150-165 grain bullets. Yes you can mount optics - these come equiped with side mount rails - I advise you to get a mount like this: http://www.cdnninvestments.com/akqudesimone.html And get a lightweight 4x power scope
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