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    Safety Problem

    Thanks. I'm thinking anyone who sells a "complete" Saiga conversion kit for the 308 should include a "good" safety lever. BTW, I noticed my 223 and x39 Saigas also have this "short" safety. Will converting them require a new safety lever? M .308 saiga was the first one I converted probably 6 years ago, It was the only one with the issue of the selector being ground down too short to engage the trigger leg. My two 7.62x39 and two 5.45x39 rifles worked fine with original selector levers. Are you talking about the engagement being too short on your .223 and 7.62x39 selectors or the overall length of the selector being shorter than other country types?
  2. Well good for you, but not me again there Kentucky crooks. OK may be I don't get it? is it the price of the mags your mad about or the shipping fee? or both? But forgive my stupidity hear but you did order it no? why did you buy if you felt the price was unfair any way? wait I got it you order this over the phone and you forgot to ask what shipping fee was going to be..... your not mad at them your mad at your self then?? http://centerfiresys...om/pkgak74.aspx Price of Mags was fine, them not being up front with their full shipping and handling charges not so good. Saying they add those costs when order is processed is B.S. and if you think it's right that's your call damn sure not mine. I don't go for crooked vendors and CenterFire Systems are just Kentucky CROOKs plain and simple CROOKs. Quit your fricking whining. For a few dollars, you got the product shipped to your door. You didn't have to spend money on gas, no extra wear and tear on a vehicle, time out of your day to shop for mags, and you got to screw your state out of sales tax $$$. Some people are never happy. I used them at the range today and they all worked great. I just did not like CenterFire Systems policy of 3% of total added as a credit card service charge. Doesn't it state on their website that they charge that for credit card purchases? Yes it does. "Our everyday prices reflect a 3% cash savings not available on credit or debit card orders." The site also states>>>> $9.99 flat rate shipping for accessories http://centerfiresystems.com/shippinginfo.aspx If you didn't research or call first to get the actual price then that is on you. It would be ignorant to not do so if the cost is an issue. To call them thieves when their prices are clearly stated on their site and then snivel about it just shows immaturity.
  3. Mak

    Muzzle Brake on 5.45, worth it?

    I added a threaded FSB to my Bulgarian SLR105 and threaded ever 7.62x39 rifle I have ever owned but never bothered on my Saiga conversions
  4. Mak

    Cleaning corrosion out of gas block

    I use Ballistol mixed with water liberally. Follow with Hoppes and then lube with whatever synthetic engine oil I have in the garage at the time
  5. Mak

    5.45 no need for bullet guide?

    Both of mine worked fine without the bullet guide but I installed CSS bullet guides. I have had to modify Dinzag BG's before so I went with the CSS guide kit which were less expensive and fit perfectly. I also get charged sales tax by dinzag because of location so that made a difference in my choice.
  6. Mak

    WTB Saiga Skeleton Stock

    I don't think I would take less than $75.00 shipped as that would just get me what I believe I paid for it. If you check out Krebs Custom though they have them on the site for $65.00 + shipping also. That is where I originally bought mine. For shipping method select USPS priority mail and you get the cheapest shipping method through Krebs.
  7. Mak

    WTB Saiga Skeleton Stock

    It's on the one Saiga I haven't converted. I have extra hunting style stocks I could install on the rifle to sell it but shipping still ups the price $11.00+ over what I would sell it to you for if you were local and were able to pick it up. I only ship by USPS priority flat rate on items like that as UPS is not local. Flint is not within local commute for pick up purposes.
  8. Mak

    WTB Saiga Skeleton Stock

    I actually have one and live in northern Michigan. Ever get up near Burt Lake/Cheboygan county?
  9. Mak

    Will I need a 5.45 bullet guide

    Me and a couple Kaliforniastan residents might be interested in the next couple of weeks. Three of my friends want to buy and convert Saiga 5.45x39's and we are all having a hell of a time finding 10 round mags. I have two of the 5.45x39 mags and 4 or more of the 7.62x39 mags. K-VAR has 10 round AK-74 mags but they are charging $45.00 each which is crazy.
  10. He must have got what he wanted as I never heard from him.
  11. Mak

    Keep Stackin

    I thought my 15,000 rounds was excessive.
  12. I use a Ryobi bench top drill press and have done a few bullet guides. Did two more a couple weeks ago on my 5.45x39 rifles. The only time I have had an issue is when I forget to dip the bit in oil first. Since you thread the hole after drilling it and need some thread cutting oil anyway I use that. Any thick oil will work. I guess it keeps the bit from heating up and jamming. With a bit of oil the bit cuts through like butter.
  13. Mak

    Thermold Mags

    Thermold mags work without a bullet guide installed if you file down the mag catch or the rear lug of the mag. It has been posted here over the years. I used them until I had installed my bullet guide. Still have a bag full of them. They are fine as far as range mags.
  14. Mak

    What do my etchings mean

    Now that K-var is selling non converted saigas I wonder if all other importers will find themselves locked out of the market and prices skyrocket like usually happens when they move in.
  15. Im not much into metal work so this will be mostly new to me. I will have to get some type of high rpm tool to do that. Would a cotton tip with polish work with a cordless drill? A Q-Tip will fall apart on either a dremel or drill. You will need a cloth polishing wheel like this to get any real results. I would recommend getting polishing compound as well. No, I wont be putting q-tips in my drill. cool thanks for the pics That's a cotton bullet tip at the far left of the picture. If you buy a boxed dremel kit it usually comes with all attachments needed and a small container of polishing compound. It is all you need to polish a fire control group correctly to a mirror finish. here are instructions http://www.novarata.net/Linx310/fcg.shtml