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  1. OK, so if it's a magwell type like in the photo, it takes a different mag? Can you buy additional mags of this type anywhere?
  2. Shot mine for the first time. Was surprised how reliable it was. However on the first time shooting 3" shells, the first round would not go off. Only the faintest dimple could be found on the primer. After tossing it and firing the next shell, the rest of the 4 went off with no problems. thoughts?
  3. Anybody else find the shells sliding about inside the drum? Has this caused any problems for you guys?
  4. While shooting some buckshot (Nobel clear hulls) today, the recoil apparently cause the shells to lodge forward where the rim pushed past the ledge that guides it in the mag body, causing the shells to become wedged in the mag body. Anyone else see this?
  5. Clean up the rear stock (something that looks nicer than wrapping kidex around the trigger guard) and I'm there. looks good.
  6. Really? Some amazing reflexes you got there. Tony says don't use buffers in S12s, sounds like good advice to me.
  7. OK, after looking at the situation a little closer, I finally figured out the real problem. My problematic IZ109 actually has an out of spec "mag well". The front to rear dimension on the well is set by the front cut in the receiver, to the rear mag lug "trunnion" (or block? Not sure of the correct term for this piece). My tromix is 3.25". The problem IZ109 is 3.21". What happens is that with the factory 5 rounders, there is not enough clearance for the lug to clear the channel in the "trunnion" and seat itself flush. It get's stuck in the channel so the mag can't full lock up. With aftermarke
  8. And what is it that we're doing here? Running with this story, which is a blog entry, which cites an computerized translation of another blog entry. Perhaps you can use your excellent Russian language skills, and journalistic expertise to get to the bottom of this for everyone..... "Contempt prior to investigation is the hallmark of a fool" - Anonymous WS Don't get all offended. The criticism isn't about not knowing, it's about jumping on unsubstantiated claims. Especially ironic when people here are criticizing others for doing just that. I agree with your quote
  9. And what is it that we're doing here? Running with this story, which is a blog entry, which cites an computerized translation of another blog entry.
  10. Yes, "people in power are screwing up this great country" because people aren't buying your rail! Well how does it feel making a product that promotes the sale of RUSSIAN made weapons? Get off of it. What makes this country great and makes capitalism work is competition and the free market. Seems like you wrap yourself in the flag but have a big problem with that. I'm unashamed to say I have a UTG on my AR15 and that sucker is rock solid. Other people that own them will say the same. Not being "pro level", I guess it will disintegrate into dust leaving me to die on the battlefields when T
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