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  1. Beat me to it. I work in Chicago and remember reading about this in the paper. Idiocy.
  2. Not to hijack the thread but id be far more interested in a viable vepr 13 drum. Is that a possibility? 20 at 2 3/4 would be awesome.
  3. Looking to pick up a few of your vepr mags and I know you usually do a Black Friday code. Just wondering if you were planning in doing that again. Got some some of the saiga 12 mags. Absolutely awesome. Hoping to see how the veprs look.
  4. Time to break out the cookbook. I've got tons of stuff I want to try to make. Generally I only cook on the weekends as most of what I try requires every pot and pan I own and two cycles of the dishwasher to clean Honey mustard roasted pork loin (marinaded overnight) Not bad but a little dry- next time ill probably brine it for an hour or two.
  5. Damn and I didn't see this until 8 o'clock at night? Happy birthday evl Have some fun tonight! Best wishes.
  6. Hey DLT. Man I read your title and thought you lost your job. Glad to see I'm wrong. Good to hear your out there running again. If you have any questions feel free to pm me. Despite my name I've competed in a half dozen or so marathons, an ironman race, and more short distance races than I could possibly hope to remember. I'm no winner, but I could probably help a bit. As to the shoes, yeah, they're ugly. But first and foremost. Go to a running store. Not a place that sells running shoes. When you walk in it should be small, have both walls stacked to the ceiling with shoes, and a few racks of shorts you would never wear and a few t shirts. They'll help you decide what kind of arch support you need. They should be asking what your current goals are. If they don't watch you take a short ( 50ft) run in any shoe you're considering, walk out. FWIW I wear a motion control shoe ( total flat foot) and they usually run about 120 a pair. Also. Most shoes will only last about 500 miles on pavement. You'll get around 700 on a treadmill. Good luck.
  7. Not posting much right now but can't help but notice a correlation to pic I'd planned to one day put in the demotivational posters thread..... Nice post chile.
  8. Thanks guys. Longshot had posted a link to a similar article earlier today but it seems to be gone now. Strange Regardless, the article longshot posted was from a gun site. It was well balanced and informative. The one I read contained the same basic information but was a long wailing dissertation on why armor piercing bullets kill people worse and why now one should be able to own a rifle that can shoot more than three bullets in a "clip" My Sunday is somewhat free. It was on huffington post. I guess I'm off to YouTube to learn how to create a link on an iPhone.
  9. I was surfing yahoo and saw the article. Judge orders the families who started the lawsuit against luckygunner, through the brady campaign, to pay over 200k to them. Obviously they disagree. Thought the article was pretty good if not obnoxious at a few points. It was posted a couple hours ago and I didn't see anything here. I'm surfing on a phone and don't know how to post a link. It did continue the story on the huffington post. Hopefully one of our more tech savvy fellows can link it for me. Haven't posted much guys but I do lurk. Kinda got some big things going on right now and just can't. But wanted to let y'all know what I found.
  10. I was surfing yahoo and saw the article. Judge orders the families who started the lawsuit against luckygunner, through the brady campaign, to pay over 200k to them. Obviously they disagree. Thought the article was pretty good if not obnoxious at a few points. It was posted a couple hours ago and I didn't see anything here. I'm surfing on a phone and don't know how to post a link. It did continue the story on the huffington post. Hopefully one of our more tech savvy fellows can link it for me. Haven't posted much guys but I do lurk. Kinda got some big things going on right now and just can't. But wanted to let y'all know what I found.
  11. Funny this should come up. While I obviously have some level of firearms expertise my entire extended family has exactly none. ( well, not entirely true. My wife is very pro gun and had shot more than a few but no real "training". And I have a brother in law who is a police officer and and actually sits on the specialty team- the burbs answer to swat. I forgot the acronym. He qualified for sniper but turned it down because obligations. Only man I have ever met that can pick up a beratta 40 cal and hit the two inner rings at 25 feet with no problem. And he is not very 2A. Sad) To the question? Well, if it is a true SHTF situation, chances are they haven't been sitting around eating MRE's and listening to ham radio. They've already been in bad situations and survived. Nevertheless. Shotguns? No. Don't own a 20, 410 isn't going to do much and a big no on any 12. Rifles? 10/22 all the way. Hit what you aim at. Maybe a 9mm jrc/ keltec. Those rock river 9mm ar's are nice. Depends on what you have. Wouldn't really trust them with a rifle round right away Pistols? 22 if you can find a reliable one that takes all ammo( lotsa thread on this). Not a fan of 38 ( just me) xdm's, glocks and m&ps with whatever ( most importantly) they felt comfortable with. A big gun in the hand of someone who is afraid to use it does no one any good. As time and experience progresses, so does the firepower. If it makes sense. I'd trust a person who can hit targets all day long with a 9mm carbine than hand them an ar/ak/galil/ scar etc and maybe hit 1 out of 4.
  12. Happy birthday tritium! Couldn't decide on just one. Slightly odd but bonus points for being a HBD wish to a mod
  13. So with Labor Day weekend about to start, I'm going to spend some time on the grill. I've had a string of crappy propane grills that last two years than crap out ( I could fix, but the parts run about half of a new crappy grill) I've got the weber kettle, and having never cooked with lump charcoal before it is thoroughly kicking my ass all summer so just to spite it I'm going to learn to use it. Anyways, back to the point. What's everybody cooking this weekend? I'm doing all new things. Im looking to brine some chicken breasts (I cruise a cooking forum and this is evidently a great way to make juicy chicken) I also bought one of those stupid stuff your own burger presses along time ago. Not sure what to stuff it with but bacon will be involved. Lastly I've stocked up on pork tenderloin so I want to try one on the grill. Usually I chop, pound and deep fry it but awhile back I had some upscale lunchmeat that had a pineapple chipotle glaze. Pretty good. I'm going to try to apply it here. ( well, actually I'm not that brave, ill chop it in half and make the other half the other way.) I know we've got some grilles here. What do y'all have planned?
  14. Just lost my shit Funny. I attended a safety seminar awhile back ( I work on elevators and escalators) Supposedly Beijing (? Can't remember which city) was installing urine detection systems in there elevators. Evidently the Chinese treat the elevator as a pisser. ( I'd say bathroom, but I guess number 2 isn't found as much. ) There was a safety brief of someone who fell through an elevator platform that was so eroded by pee it gave way under their weight. ( don't think falling down into a chasm with an echo and dying, think falling halfway in and breaking an ankle) Anyways, mancat, have a little fun. Don't really have any advice to give you. On mikes post I have to say I suffered a bad breakup about 10 years ago. All those things mike mentioned sounded interesting. I almost booked a ticket until the fear of waking up in a bathtub full of ice and my kidneys gone spooked me out if it. Side topic- mike. Need some help on info on visiting china. Pm sent.
  15. Well smilin Ed. (I remember that explicitly. Deko even offered to pose in a bikini with some pistols. Nasty) Nevertheless. Yes Shall not be infringed. I don't like deko I REALLY don't like deko. But every American had the right to bear arms. I challenged big John in this point too. It's the only point I will ever defend deko. I find it interesting so many tune to its sexuality. I'm at the point that I don't care. Point blank and to summarize the 15 posts or so. Deko is annoying and a pain in the ass. Most if us avoid reading what it says. But it has the right to be here. Deko annoys the hell out if me. It's posts are irritating and pointless. But id rather block it and enjoy the rest if the site.
  16. I'd say neither. Ill go with a complete annoying nuisance that offers nothing constructive to this forum. I went on some decent rants about it until I finally realized you can completely block a member. Haven't seen any content from it in a while. Can't imagine why anyone would want to stay around a forum they seem mostly unwelcome in. My only solution is it likes being a pain in the ass. Personally id like to see it gone as it offers no good advice and the off topic content pretty much annoys everyone. But it's a free world so its free to do what it wants. But this is makcs house and we play by his rules. Guess this is one of those times I mention here and there that I'm not as good a Christian as I should be. Ah well something to work on. Oh odd man. By the way, I think it's a guy who wants to be a girl but still is attracted to women. I don't have time to figure it out which is why I just call it an it.
  17. I will admit, there was a massive shutdown in transportation in the far northwest burbs this afternoon. We've had water main issues, accident issues, and issue issues in the last week or two. Didn't think much of it (fairly far flung from normal routes, even mine) Prayers out to the officer and his family
  18. When did this happen? I live in the Chicago burbs and haven't heard anything all day.
  19. Good to see. Also a 2.26 second example of why we need larger capacity magazines. I didn't count the shots, ill try to later, but the video is a prime example that you can be attacked by more than one person. Evl, if they had said hello to YOUR little friend ( in your avatar) I have a feeling they'd need a squeegee for the sidewalk.....
  20. Thanks guys. It's funny Tennessee should come up. My brother in law owns a restaurant and plans to retire in the next ten years. He's set on Tennessee because he said it was the most financially friendly state to retirees. My sister and he have been taking weekend trips down there for a couple of years to find an area they like. Our ideal retirement houses/ ideas differ somewhat drastically though. So Tennessee allows suppressors and sbs? Anything else? How is their CC law? Does the eastern side see any hurricane action? Tennessse didn't come up in my financial based retirement search, but ill definetly consider it. Top results were Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota , North Dakota, Idaho , Iowa ,Virginia, Nebraska, Colorado and Utah. Colorado is an obvious no and the wife and I like the idea of Montana and Wyoming. I realize alot can change in almost thirty years but I have to start somewhere. Ideally I'm only looking for land and I plan to be pretty picky about what to get as I have plenty of time. If the financial or 2nd A climate changes I can always sell and start again. At least ill have refined the tools I need to search and hopefully have learned a few things
  21. Ok. I'm a newb to all this but I have to ask. According to chiles post, I don't really see a problem. Feel free to correct me, but I think it kinda explains the whole situation.
  22. I hear ya darth. I love my rights. I love Texas. I just can't imagine spending the last thirty years of my life stewing in my own gravy 3 months out of year. Is there a northern Texas? If so. I'm sold. Lock stock and barrel. Still looking though. If be glad to be snowed in 3 months if the year making fires and dicking around in my barn making dumb crap for the sake if it. Thanks guys
  23. Title pretty much says it. I've begun a very preliminary search on a state to retire in. I currently live in illinios and while I am very family oriented I am the youngest so in theory I will be the last alive. While family is very important to me, I sure as hell don't want to retire here ( unless things continue alot further in the path they have taken. Not yet willing to hold my breath. ) I'm in my early thirties and and hope to retire from my current job at no later than 60. I plan to work a non related menial job for years past that for modest income and the ability to laugh at the younger employees. Point being. I'm looking at gun friendly states to retire in. I want to buy some property within the next ten years in that state. 5-10 acres a minimum. I'd like to be above a river or around a large lake. Within 15 minutes of a town of 3000. No offense Texas, I love your state. Just wish you were 500 miles north. I. Hate. Heat. Love Texas though. I'm looking for sbs and can friendly. Don't care much about the rest. Though they would be welcome. I've started a similar financial search. Hoping to find some help in the gun world. Thanks
  24. Glad to hear it things are good in Montana Stryker. I'm starting an extremely preliminary search on a retirement state. ( it sure as hell isn't going to be Illinois) Montana is at the top. Texas would be, but I hate the heat. Hate it. I'd rather stock up on food and be snowed in for 3 months screwing around in a barn/shop than sit in a puddle of my sweat for 2 month out if the year. No offense texans- I love your state. Just too hot for me. Anyways, back to the point. Gunfun, mullet man, right on. Kicking and screaming a bit, but still happening. Darth said something a long while back that struck a chord with me. Don't remember the thread but the basic wording was the only way we can truly fight the antis is to win back one thing at a time and prove it doesn't cause the end of civilization. Repeat until all our rights have been restored. Illinios is a long way from that. But for what's its worth I think we're on the right path. Also, the reason I started this post and forgot halfway through, (sad, huh, forgot the point of what you want to day before you even say it? Guess I need to up the ginkgo biloba) Cook county wanted to pass a similar law a few years back. 5 cent a round tax, $25 tax on guns. Bill failed to pass when real common sense prevailed. There is some hope out there. Also, no post to chiles dinner thread. Brother in law dropped off a few extra pizzas so we're set. And we've all seen a pizza. But I do have some stuff lined up through the winter to give chile a run for his money I hope In the same topic, dad, better check your marriage certificate. It's in small print but if you get married in cook county your are required to forever order pizza only deep dish and with extra sausage
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