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  1. some people recommend against this. if you use to much oil, it can plug the gas port when it heats up and holds fouling. i oil mine then wipe as much excess off as possilbe. i only leave a very minor amount. I do earnestly thank you for the tip. But I don't put much stock in "this and this could happen if you do this under these conditions" that one finds on the Internet. People will find hypothetical problems with others' methods and equipment simply because it's not theirs and they want to feel superior. I do swab the port area with a cue-tip to take out excess debris and oil, but I'll believe oil and powder blocking the hole, which has enough GAS pressure coming through it to move a heavy bolt and carrier fast enough to throw my shells 20 feet when I see it.
  2. Well when I dig it out of the ground, I take the dust cover off, piss in the action, rack it a few times and go about my business. Lol but really, I take an oiled toothbrush over the chamber, ramp, FCG, all lower internals. Remove and clean gas tube with oiled toothbrush to get most of the residue but it's not gonna sparkle. Oil the piston then wipe clean with a rag, gets about 99% clean. Oiled toothbrush to bolt and bolt carrier and '74 brake, then run oiled patches through the barrel till they come out mostly clean if I'm in a hurry, otherwise I'll clean it spotless which happens most of the time. This is after I soak the barrel in oil starting when I get back to my house, then let it sit while I clean everything else. So I guess I pay most of my attention to the barrel.
  3. I wanted him to know there's at least some people that'll "have none of it." I won't give any rights for security. Well he said it doesn't give the military the power to arrest US citizens, however I do realize that he wouldn't be the first politician to lie to benefit himself. I think the truth is that we'll have to wait and see.
  4. I hear ya, that's a pretty cool concept. If the price comes down at some point I'm all over it.
  5. This is not meant to be confrontational, but how many times have you seen a dust cover blown off of an AK-pattern rifle during firing? It is one of those things that does happen(regardless of how rarely) and not takeing steps to limit potential damage could land you in the hospital or court if you're selling the kit. If you watch the Youtube vids in slow motion/stop frame, you'll notice that most of the time it's the dustcover being pushed back and the front raiseing up away from the barrel. A simple tab about an ich or so back and over the top of the shroud is usually enough. Worst case scenarioes tend to have the bolt carrier and all fly back past the end of the receiver. Into your face if shooting normally, into your shoulder if shooting bullpupped. And iirc, it tends to happen on the cheaper/lighter built AKs. Some form of safety add on is just good policy. Imho. Thank you for answering my question. Not many people do it calmly anymore.
  6. The family is always going to say it was uncalled for, but cry me a river, the younger kid was justified. Good for him. And good for the judge upholding his right to defend himself, this goes quite a ways for cases of self-defense.
  7. That's complete bullshit! They can initiate a firefight. Edit: It's called an ambush. Exactly, rules of engagement only make it more difficult for our troops to do their job, let alone protect their own lives.
  8. As for shooting this standing up and recoil, the one of these I saw weighed over 80lbs. That might help a bit with the recoil, lol.
  9. Lol, sorry no tomatoes today. I think something like this is an opinion, and as with everything I say "to each his own." I think it's hard to say what I'd do after being in their shoes, if someone tried to kill me, being innocent, I might be mad too. Either way I'm not judging them.
  10. This is not meant to be confrontational, but how many times have you seen a dust cover blown off of an AK-pattern rifle during firing?
  11. I wondered the same thing at first, but with my shells ejecting about twenty feet from a standing position it's running just fine.
  12. I haven't had any problems with mine. You get parts count, lightweight, and I think you'll find them to feel surprisingly solid.
  13. Our military can't initiate a firefight, if these men were killed it was because they fired at those soldiers first. Killed and pissed on? They got what they deserved, political correctness be damned.
  14. ok while they are staying if it holds a magnet placed on the tip, you can not shoot it. Most recently imported 7.62x39 ammo since the mid 1990s usually has a steel thin jacket material NOT THE CORE.. The US Federal government does not allow steel core 7.62x39 ammo to be imported and so no distributors would have any. Unless you happen to have bought some old 1990s ammo, there is zero chance your ammo has a steel core. A magnet will stick to the steel jacket which is why many range employees are often not the brightest people. I can't begin to discuss how many range employees tried to certify that Wolf or any other Russian ammo is steel core. It may not be imported but it's still around. I've bought Herter's from Cabelas twice now, once in a sealed spam can, and both times I've recovered rounds fired, their FMJ is steel core.
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