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  1. Nateplaysbass

    looking to buy .223

    Classic Arms has them back in stock...but they are up to $320 now. I bought mine from them about four months ago for $299. Shipping was $15...then add your local transfer cost.
  2. Nateplaysbass

    Slidefire for AK popping up!

    I just got an email from Classic Arms. They now have them in as well. $289 shipped!
  3. Nateplaysbass

    What could/should I do with a new 16" saiga 223?

    I really like the original rifle configuration. I did the cheapest crapco conversion from CSS. I only paid $130 for all the parts and the work was really easy. I would recommend going with the nicer furniture... I won't really be happy with mine until I get rid of all the plastic.
  4. Nateplaysbass

    Picture Post ,Lets see your .223!

    Finished my first conversion last night (.223). Gonna swap out stock w/ something different when I do the hand guard. The tapco looks cool, but feels super cheesy...I do however really like the tapco pg, it feels great. Conversion was SUPER EASY, think my next will be 7.62!!! Cannot wait to get out and shoot this beast with the mods .
  5. Nateplaysbass

    Surefire mags hold bolt?

    Anyone know a good way to eliminate the bolt hold open feature of the surefire mags. I just got one, it is a nice mag, but don't care for the BHO feature. I think I have an idea how to do it, but was wondering if anyone has done this....without messing up their mag.
  6. Nateplaysbass

    Colorado Saigas

    I go to Denver Guns and Ammo. They helped me with my 5.45 conversion. Talk to Joe, he does alot of saiga conversions and has a nice collection himself. They're on the SW side of town. They have the BEST price in town on 5.45 ammo (sardine can). Plus Joe's cool to talk to, knows alot about saigas. Good prices on guns too. I agree with you on 5280 armory. What's up with the attitudes at our local gun shops. Agreed...whats up with that place? I went in there recently and I thought it was just me. I almost spent the $429 he wanted for a stock saiga .223, but after getting a pissy lecture from the owner when I mentioned the online prices of saigas, I just walked out. I will never go there again or recommend them to anyone. I probably saved $100 by getting it online from Classic Arms. I had it transferred at The Shootist in Englewood. They are great people down there, but it cost me $35. Anybody know anywhere cheaper to do an FFL transfer in the Denver area? The reason I ask, is I plan on doing another conversion in a different caliber while these things are still $300. Also, where do you guys shoot around Denver? I have a friend in Brighton that lets me shoot on his land, but would like to find some public land somewhere to shoot so that I don't have to bug him whenever I want to get out.
  7. Nateplaysbass

    New Chaos AK47 rail that fits Saiga 7.62 X 39!!!

    I want to put one of these on my converted saiga .223. I understand that this works with the stock saiga gas tube, but what about the barrel. Does anyone know if you need to have a lower hand guard retaining bracket for this setup or "notched barrel" or anything else? My saiga still has the STOCK hand guard on it and If I purchase the Chaos hand guard, I wouldn't want to spend all the extra money on other parts. Anything else needed to make this thing work??? Another thing I was concerned about was the "harmonics" of the barrel. I have heard of the UTG quad rail causing issues with the action/accuracy of the Saiga rifles. Anyone know if this rail affects opperation of the weapon? Also, as of today, carolina shooters supply says they have these in stock. The Chaos website says they are on back order. Anyone ever bought these from carolina shooters supply? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  8. Nateplaysbass

    Chaos Rails for 7.62x39?

    I really want one. Do these fit on .223???
  9. Nateplaysbass


    Okay....So I had this same problem. I took the gun apart when I first bought it and the Gas Tube was extremely stiff and I couldn't pull it out. After trying to pull it off with pliers, I gave up and decided to shoot it and see if it loosens it up a bit. Shot it, took it apart to clean, and still couldn't pull it out. All I had to do was take off the hand guard and pry up on the tube a little against the end of the barrel and it popped right out. Goes in and out just fine now.. There is a spring on the end where the gas tube meets the receiver, it was just a little stiff from the factory.