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  1. I had a Springfield 1911. Loved it. Then I bought a XD40 3" sucompact. It shoots straight, and fits in so many nooks so easily... went ahead and added a set of TRUGLO sights. Dang!
  2. Wahoo! Dig in! These things become an addiction. Sing out if you need anything, ain't many rocket scientists here, But, these guys know Saiga!
  3. +1 on the bend. Keep us posted on the gas issue. sounds to me like port job is due.
  4. Hope all is well. God gives us trials, but he is always with us no matter what.
  5. If I saw dents in my primers I would be a little more than bothered. I might be down right concerned.
  6. I stay out on the Naval Base in Coranado 3 to 4 times a year! That place rocks! Old Town, the beach, and the food! I have a CTR on the Saiga 12 and a MOE on an AR. To be truthful, I cant tell the difference between the two when I am firing, They are both comfortable and adjust easily. I bought mine from Carolina Shooters Supplies. They hooked me up with the butt and tube. The tube fixed directly to the Saiga 12 without adapters or tang removal.
  7. dboberg

    new saiga

    Definitely the Hogue grip. Don't make changes until you have put some shells through it! Its always better to get a base line. Then make one change at a time. You may not even need a reliability kit. If you aren't getting the results you want, their are other things to look at first (like the gas block and ports.)
  8. I decided to sell my VStar 1300 this year. Too many close calls, and I kinda like the Big Gulp and air conditioning concept while I drive down the road. Weird?!?!?
  9. Fetchin Fetcher. Mormon Slang describing the Elk that slinked past me at 20 yards on a deer hunt.
  10. I disagree with the Promag not possibly being the problem. As far as I am concerned, the Saiga and the Promag have two different personalities. Work on the Saiga first, make sure its running right. Possible gas port issues, polish and re-profile, etc. That thing should run like a top before trying to tackle the drum. Feeding issues, how the drum fits into the mag well, spring tension... The list goes on for things that maybe an issue, or not for the drum. It maybe (and probably is) the shotgun that needs some love.
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