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  1. well it works with the .40 mags, but i could see a possible double feed. but 9mm mags are more or less required
  2. heres my glock with some goodies, minus about 5 mags... the 9mm conversion works flawlessly, with 9mm or .40 glock mags, didn't change a thing but the bbl
  3. welll i know i'm raising the dead too...but i havn't been able to post much... i ended up with a glock 22.......ordered a 9mm conversion bbl for it the other day....
  4. Are they fighting? can an ak&ar get along? lol......nice looking guns man
  5. hey cobra, i had this same question come up, and looked at the bersa 380, i've never shot the 380, but i've handled the thunder .45 and it was nice, but when i qualified for my chl the lady next to me was using one, she was limp wristing....shooting pretty bad and had one jam.... i went with the (taurus) rossi, 2" 357 mag...its a 6 shot, instead of 5, and its been real good, the trigger is very smooth, but very heavy also the wife keeps this one handy, loaded with .38 spl +P golder sabers one of my dads older firends who has arthritis, carried a sig in .380, and he swears by that thi
  6. i feel you lolly, i'm pretty much doing the same, i have been working tons and am getting married thats my reason for now. i have not lost my interest in guns, i've just built several ak's, played with the saiga, and learned more about ak's (ak47,74,m, etc, etc...) that pretty much everyone around me. some things spark my interest considerably, but at this point in my life i cant be affording to spend on guns, i mean dont get me wrong i have my shtf shit handy and lots of mags and plan to continue buying ammo and shooting. it all gets repetitive, i know i cant "quit" reading th
  7. its got great accuracy, i'd say i can shoot around 2 inch groups at 15 or so yards..... i know i can hold about a 2 foot circle at 100 with it, them triji operator sights have a big rear notch shooting that far out... i just also want to add i love the bulk of a 1911 or other steel framed pistols but just like tokageko said plastic for duty use is good, plus 18 rounds of 135 grain cor-bons has a nice ring to it
  8. but, the glock only ended up costing me like 450, it was more practical for "duty use" but people dont respect it like they would a 1911, or a big wheelgun, guess i need a g20L
  9. b, you put up a good point, and so did brg3, and i gotta agre from the research i've done, the saiga is ak-100 series but this is what i go by most of the time.... akm= 45 degree gas block, stamped ak47= milled ak74= (to keep it simple) ~22 caliber bullet, 90 degree gas block, "straiter" mag... ak100 series= all the new aks with all different calibers, 90 degree gasblocks etc(1 piece fsb/gb combo, short bbl sometimes). shotguns, rifles....damn you gotta love the saiga's for the amount of choices. ..... but really, they are all just ...AK's
  10. I guess i think on a different level than some people, but why do so many people want o comment on the fact that i have a fake gun? this is the plague(sp?) that goes along with a damn plastic pistol, i mean god bless the reliability, capacity, and easy of disasembly, but if you have say a stainless 1911 or something in your holster and someone says something, them fuckers know what THAT is. people seriously think my glock is a tazer. what the hell, i guess its cuz its "prettied" up damn stupid sheeple.
  11. i like big guns, we all do....the 40 is good if your comparing it to the 9mm but would it be good to upgrade to the bogger glock... i'll add: i have big hands the glock grip on my 22 is kinda small, i have a grip thing on it to make it better, i imagine a little longer would make the grip ideal...... but what do yall think of the 10mm and the g20 compared to my current g22
  12. lol, some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope.... i'm about to get me a saiga 12, and this is just the kind of thing i want to see
  13. b, remember, respect is earned not given, people are people no matter what their job. in my new job i've had to deal with alot of cops now and i can say that several of them are real cool, and done some good things for me and some of my buddies but i've also met just as many who were dicks. praise to the police(leo's who are good people) and fuck the haters(leo's who arent good people) and if its not apparent, i'm not saying this negativley about the forum members who happen to be leo's i'm speaking from my personal face to face experiences. we all know what you mean
  14. more or less the topic speaks for itself. i cant seem to find good links to the right vendors. someone show me where i can order me one. thanks jon
  15. i can post a pic later but i've got some 1440 grain hollowpoints that are loaded in rienforced solid brass shells. they arent as long, but i shot one of the five thru my 500 with a cylinder bore and it was a bad man
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