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  1. Yeah , if I can get my ex- wife out of my pocket .
  2. Sweet ride man, I have tossed around the ideal of getting rid of my 06 c6 lately !! But every time I drive it I'm left with a big ass smile. I think I want a Viper or porsche
  3. Man where did you hear that. From what I saw in her proposal yesterday it was registration
  4. Dead eye that is a yes to your question
  5. Saw today on a news article , that Bitch released her list of things she considered evil weapons that will be going on ban list by name! Saiga 12, spas 12, franchis law 12, striker 12 And street sweeper named as shot guns, of course akm's all kind and all ar15's. Mac' s ,uzi, tech's Sub 2000 are things i could remember off that long ass list. Excuse spelling i am work and typing fast on cell.... glad i sold all my stuff! Few months Back, only a pocket knife for me.
  6. I been thinking about that from the reviews on breaks looks like the molot is pretty good. Only issue I have is it is long I would like to get barrel chopped to offset.
  7. Ha,ha French tips.. that made me laugh out loud! And thanks guys and it indeed is a slide fire stock! I now am consider a big boy at 6"2" and 245 lbs and it takes all of my strength to keep that barrel down.But definetly puts a big smile on your face...
  8. 12rd SGM mags, and 12rd promag drum- ( decided to give them a try)
  9. Received my new mags yesterday and i just finished fitting them.maybe I can get away from wife and see What these babies can do!
  10. Thanks for the heads up guys.. was able to get two 12rd SGM for $135 w/shipping
  11. I use a utg 5 position grip w/ slide fire .. haven't had any issues
  12. American capitalist that would make it considered a machine gun as silly as it sounds.... so please don't do that! slide fire got approved from gov before they made them and you get a atf letter with purchase
  13. American capitalist if you want one don't let $40 stop you, i think the days of $99 for them are long gone. You have two factors for demand ( 1st they are awesome and before all this craziness Where in demand, 2nd panic buying) if and when AWB takes effect 20rd drums will most likely be on Large magazine list... just think about it!
  14. Dieb4iwake you have any 7.62 ammo you need to get rid of I need to fill that 100rd drum you know!
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