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  1. Thanks Sunny. Did the test fire the other day and it ran 00 buck without a flaw. Recoil is even smoother than stock it seems. However it wouldn't run lowbrass even with the tacplug dialed all the way in. It would give me about 1/2'' to 3/4'' cycle before shutting on the hull again. I'm not too surprised with this. Gonna fiddle with it and see if I can't correct that. First step is the bolt polish and a weaker spring. Then, if necessary, I'll go from there.
  2. Finally got my paperwork back and then finished all the machinework. Included cutting barrel, moving the gas system back 2.25", machining a quad rail to fit, and I put a left hand cocking handle on it.
  3. Ended up buying a quad rail from Carolina Shooters Suppy and machining it down. Pics to follow soon.
  4. For future reference the Chaos rails WILL NOT WORK for a build when the gas black is moved 2.25" back. The extrusion cutouts will be cut in half. The quad rail from Carolina Shooters Supply worked for this.
  5. Change of plans. The titan rail wouldn't work as the extrusion cutout would have landed square in the middle of the cut. Went with a quad rail from CSS and I believe it'll look "factory" when I machine it down.
  6. Being a lefty I was impressed to see that some of you have made this mod and decided I'd like it as well. This is as far as I got today. Tomorrow I'm gonna make a handle and heat treat it...
  7. Sent mine out Feb 2nd. They informed me last week it was pending approval and would be 30-90 days. Times have changed in recent years. Did a form 1 on a suppressor in '04 and it was back in 60 days. Did a form 4 on a machinegun in '06 and it was back in 32.
  8. This thread is a little old but I'm looking to duracoat the parts that were machined back to match the stock color. Black should be easy right, but good grief they have about 10 different varieties. Which one?
  9. Hey all it's been a bit since I posted. Working 60 hours a week and getting married cut my free time considerably but life is settling in and I've been told my paperwork for my 11" S12 is approved. I moved the gas system back 2.25" and all I have left to do is saw the barrel off, turn the end, and thread it. Now my attention turns to a quad raid.... The only ones I saw for a SBS prevoiusly have dried up. Can't find one anywhere... and then I saw the Chaos Titan and it looks GOOD to me. Of course I'm gonna have to whack 2.25" off the front and recoat it. Post pics soon I hope.
  10. I have plenty of other things to shoot and I wanted a better look at it because I may design something I haven't seem before. And I'm fully aware of NFA times as I have multiple form 1s and 4s. Or maybe I'm just impatient.... :-D
  11. Once the paperwork comes back that is. Took the gas block off and seperated the barrel from the receiver today. Its starting to come together in my mind except the handguard. Looking at the Mississippi Auto Arms Shorty tri rail but I'm not sure it'll work with an 11" barrel. May end up fabricating my own... any suggestions?
  12. Machinist right out of high school. 24 years and counting. About half way thru an degree in mechanical engineering.
  13. No, they haven't been affected buy all that's going on now but I doubt you'll ever see a dramatic price decrease. About 10 years ago the prices started climbing faster than normal and then leveled off. I bought a Ruger AC556K in 2005 for $6000. 4 years earlier they were $2500. Last I checked they weren't far off of the price I paid. Feeding them has been the problem. With the weapon its a one time investment, with ammo it's constant.
  14. Congrats... when I saw that I knew it would be hard to be. Great pic.
  15. Demand a plan?? Well here's a plan you dumb bastards... Arm the hell out of the people you made victims with your stupid paranoia to begin with. Look overseas you brainless shits and see how it worked in countries that demanded a plan... Such ignorance... actually it's not ignorance as that condition can be cured.. Plain ole stupidity... The only thing that makes me smile is after the regime throws off all pretences of freedom you're the first idiots that would go to the camps and that makes me happy you pampered commies....
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