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  1. That would fit the Saiga-12 I have already checked with Battle Rifle G3. He is not taking orders until 2008. I know I would prefer the stock in the picture.
  2. Are these made in the USA It don't say on any advertisement I have checked. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/37148-45635-973.html
  3. The soupbowl letter from the ATF ignores the muzzle thread protector in the parts count. Maybe its time to get a new parts clearification letter from the alphabet boys. The gas piston, muzzle thread protector, and all applicable trunnions can be addressed again.
  4. I am doing a conversion on a saiga 12 and was planning on having a bulgarian trigger guard tig welded instead of using rivets. I seen that the trigger guards on the Tromix conversions are tig welded. Is there any reason why this might not be a good idea for my conversion? I never worked with rivets so this seems like a good alternative.
  5. A few years ago I heard that Palm Beach County had a rather nasty policy with regards to stolen guns.Someone had told me that stolen weapons when recovered by law enforcement were to be destroyed by the county as per ordinance. I would hope that has changed since then.
  6. A letter has not been posted by WM because it probably states that they can legally make and sell their drums, but that does not mean that using their drum will not in itself cause a reclassification of the S-12. I really think they are avoiding this issue with good reason.
  7. Based on whatmanual's link, If Ron Paul became president, that would be the Brady Campaign's worst nightmare. A libertarian in the oval office Talk about the SHTF with the anti-gun crowd. He would promote an end to the IRS and the ATF. He's our only hope for gun rights. Fred Thompson would be my second choice. The Ron Paul FREEDOM PRINCIPLES Rights belong to individuals, not groups. Property should be owned by people, not government. All voluntary associations should be permissible -- economic and social. The government's monetary role is to maintain the inte
  8. I think there is a bit of confusion in this issue. The ATF may have responded to Wraithmaker that it is ok to make and sell the drums, but that doesn't mean reclassification will not happen.
  9. They fed some pmc 2 3/4 buckshot fine, but they had trouble feeding the shorter Brenneke shells. Anyone else have feeding issues with K.O. slugs?
  10. They might be legal to own, but the buyer most likely wants to use them in a Saiga. There is an ethical conflict to sell them and not warn the buyer that they can not legally be used in their state. Mech Tech handles their disclaimer as follows: http://www.mechtechsys.com/1911.html Legal Alert: This product for sale to California dealers under limited conditions only. Although the product of itself is legal, the resulting combination with a pistol frame becomes illegal under California law. Please contact Mech-Tech for details relative to dealer sales in CA. At this time we know of
  11. Certainly possible, but I think the thing that doomed the Akins was a normal joe would see the thing work and say .... "that's a mg". Regardless of the technicalities of the mechanism. Also, I don't know enough about the mechanism, but if it used the recoil/momentum to help pull the trigger fast, I'd guess that it could have been adapted to ANY OTHER FIREARM. I thought about akins for the 10/22, but it would be a NO BRAINER for a version that would work on AR-15's, FAL's, AK47's etc. So, we'd effectively be putting Assault weapons (with the actual correct use of that term!!) into the po
  12. All they posted on their site was Do you have B.A.T.F. approval? Yes. We received a written approval after a verbal inquiry. This was our very first move in this project. http://www.wraithmaker.com/index.htm As much as I would love to have an upgrade to firepower like they are offering, the Atkins fiasco kind of demonstrates that the alphabet boys are still not going to allow this to happen for very long. A letter advising wraithmaker that they can build drums legally does not mean that use of their product is also not subject to policy changes at the ATF. Have fun while it last
  13. Thanks they are available at Home Depot and Lowes I just checked.
  14. What are E clips and where can I buy some?
  15. A thread posted some time back suggested using either brass or steel hull cartridges at least for the first round to prevent deformation. Another suggested using a slug as a top round. Another option might be to use the manual bolt hold open device to lock the carrier back with the magazine locked into place. This would prevent plastic shell deformation, but it might compromise the spring integrity over time. My observations from reading alot of threads and articles. The earliest shotgun shells were usually metal (steel or brass). Military spec shells used to be metal case. I think that c
  16. Ill take 5 of them. Wow, great things can happen on April fools day. LOL
  17. I heard on the news back then that it was an sks. They were wrong. That just goes to show how little law enforcement knows about properly identifying weapons. A swat team member on the tv show Dallas Swat called Winchester Black Talon pistol rounds armor piercing cop killers. That was rather dumb. I guess that is why there is a firearms expert with the Wisconsin State Crime Lab. http://www.courttv.com/trials/vang/091405_ctv.html A tool mark and firearms expert with the Wisconsin State Crime Lab testified Wednesday that all 14 of the 7.62 by 39 mm bullet casings found at the sc
  18. I might be wrong but this is one of the reasons why I think a 12 gauge makes a better shtf weapon. Correct me if I am wrong that a 12 gauge shotgun does not need to have the chamber checked for head space issues. I am not really sure that straight walled cartridges like 9mm, 40, .45 auto, .45 long colt, .357, 45-70 need to be headspaced. I do know that 7.62x39, .223, .308, 30.06, and most bottled neck cartridge chambers require headspace checking every so often.
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