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    4 wheeling, shooting, playing with my dogs (heelers).
  1. Been a long time since I have been here, good to see some familiar names. Mike
  2. Zak, now that's pretty. What exactly is the function of that magwell, easier mag changes? TIA Mike
  3. What kind of buggy are you using? My parents are members of the California Manx club. They have two of them. Now if only I can convince my dad to let me take it out one night with the Saiga, hmmmmmm. Mike
  4. You can always file down the sharp edges of the BHO so they don't rub on your finger as bad. Mine is like that and I barely notice it. Hope that helps. Mike
  5. Sounds like gas short stroking to me. I think it was Gunfighter who had the same problem when he built his custom breeching shotgun. Not sure what he did, but I think the best solution would be to drill out the gas port where it intersects the barrel a little more. Since the barrel is short, and the gas port is near the end of the barrel, it seems like it is not building up enough pressure to push the gas rod back enough, thus short cycling, stove-piping, etc. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Maybe Gunfighter will chime in too. I think the same thing happens with people converting
  6. I hear you on that jujaro, I wouldn't want to get in any trouble any more than you. I was thinking of taking of tour of Arsenal Bulgaria, seeing if they have a gift shop, and sell anything (t-shirts, shot glasses, etc.) that people here might want. Now if you can get your hands on an actual AK blank recevier ingot, then that would be way cool, lol! I know where I live, the Coors Brewery is just the next town over. I often get requests for little things from their shop, I go there all the time, each visit is worth 3 free beers, LOL. Mike
  7. Welcome Jujaro! You are lucky to be living so close to Arsenal Bulgaria. I have an SA-93 AK clone that was made there. Maybe some day you could take a tour or pick up some goodies for us Bulgarian made AK followers here in the states? Again, welcome to the forum and enjoy. Mike
  8. Hey Jackhammer, you are onto something. While you are at it gunfighter, would you mind trying a bullpup design? I too would be interested to know if it would work. Thanks!! Mike
  9. Nice! I'm drooling here. Good job so far, keep us posted! Mike
  10. I agree, excellent post! Some of us only dream of things like what you are doing! Have fun, and pictures, pictures, and more pictures! Mike
  11. Let me know about the 3 clamps you have. I am looking for something similar for my AK, something that sits pretty close, if not on top of the receiver cover. Going to hook up an Armson OEG on it, and hopefully, one on the saiga someday. Where did you order them from? Thanks! Mike
  12. Fully screwed in should be gas setting "1." Hope that helps. Mike
  13. Maybe if we all write the Izhmash factory, they will make them for us, LOL. Since Makc is over in Russia now, maybe he could run the idea across some friends of his there. That would be very cool indeed! Mike
  14. Saltpeter, it would make a very interesting project indeed, unforunately for me, I'm tapped with my new purchase of land, and really wouldn't be able to do it (even if I could find a bullpup kit). Maybe someone out there could give it a shot? I'd love to see if it works. Mike
  15. bigpond73


    I'm pretty sure on some models, they came with rifled barrels, not sure if you had to request it or not, and definitely not sure if they put them on your model. I prefer the smoothbores honestly. As for taking it off, I believe it would probably be like an AK, and more of a chore than it is actually worth . Would be cool if they did make it with switchable barrels though. I'm sure someday, someone will come up with some idea for it, or the company will start making them that way. If not, oh well, LOL. Mike
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