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  1. Awesome, thanks for the response. I will check them out tomorrow.
  2. I've used all the FFL search engines I could find and most of them are outdated and those that do it are way over priced, but those are mainly the larger companies. I was just wondering if there's anywhere around Waco, TX that might be good? I'd be willing to drive a decent amount...
  3. Yeah, I think I remember this. I think what started it was that a new S-12 owner had his converted before firing it at all and once he received it back it didn't work. It was found that it wasn't the converter's fault but something FUBAR'd with the manufacturing and now that he had converted it he couldn't take it back to the shop he bought it from. Something like that...don't know why it was deleted.
  4. In the past 4 months....A Saiga 12, mosin, Springfield XD 9mm, two Rock River arms lowers, and an AR kit from Del-Ton.
  5. "drus" is gaelic for "oak" "saga" is the gaelic for "sage" (roughly translated) Therefore with "drus-" as a prefix and "-sagas" as a suffix, you get drusagas. Rough translation can mean anything from Oakwise, Wise One of Oaks, Wise as an Oak, etc. Made up the name as a play on the word "druid".
  6. These are seriously great shirts. I've sent some link and have already had people asking why I'd wear a shirt like that, or what it's for and it's given me the opportunity to educate some people who aren't liberal or anything, but just haven't really been paying attention. ++++++++++++++++1
  7. Forgot to reply yesterday...Bought one through paypal and PM sent
  8. So how do we pay with paypal??? I want one of these bad boys
  9. SAWEET!! I'll definitely be up for one of the original one you posted as soon as you get that paypal going. +++++1
  10. Gears of War 2 and COD4 for me, same gamertag as my screen name
  11. Really? That's nice to hear, cause from what I've read it seemed like the best to expect was 2" groups, 4" or more once the barrel started heating up. but maybe that has more to do with shooter error than rifle error.
  12. Thanks both for the replies! and thanks tritium for the tip on Classic, looks like a decent price
  13. Pretty decently priced, cheap ammo. I know they aren't sub moa or anything, mainly being used for DM type work. But it looks to be fun to shoot. What are your opinions and where's a good place to get one?
  14. +1 on the online advice - I just bought two stripped lowers in the past month, one RRA for 166 shipped and the other was a DAS (or DSA, can't remember?) for 180 shipped. Those were better prices than anything else I'd found recently.
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