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  1. I can't say it didn't cross my mind. Actually it was the Lars Larson commie Pinko. And what a beautiful color it is... I painted my .223 whit that exact color 2 days ago...
  2. Does anyone know of any webshops that will ship to europe? I tried the link from #1, ordered 5 35rd galil mags, but suddenly my order was cancelled..? As far as I know, Norway isn't a part of the "axis-of-evil"... We're good guys, just like you.. A friend of me is the only Izhmash importer in Norway, but he cannot get hold of anything bigger than 10rd. (and doesn't cost more than 50$) For now, that is.. It kinda sucks competiting in IPSC matches with 2 10rd mags and 3 30rd who jams..
  3. Well, Norway isn't famous for being a desert country.. I'm the blond guy in the green nato sweather, at 1min 32sec and 2min 33sec..
  4. Hey. Here's some clips of my 20.5 inch saiga in action. It was at an IPSC match in september here in Norway.. I'm at 1:32 and 2:33min.. (and yes; I'm a n00b) Enjoy..
  5. A little update: Switched furniture with a krink. I think both of them looked nice in new clothes.. Also added a hi-cap bakelite mag, and 2 bakelite C10 hi-caps (not in pic). What do you think?
  6. (If everyone on this forum lives in America, then your probably right.) It all depends on where you live, mine has a standard pistolgrip and a muzzlebrake as an example. In the brochure that came with the saiga, it is pictured at least 4 different versions of the rifle. Mine is "ver. 04", i believe they sell "ver.03" in america.
  7. methano

    Saiga .223 -

    Hrrrmph! A good deal in Norway for a Saiga .223 is about 1000$.. (Compared, an AR15 will set you back 2000$) I want to move to America..
  8. We have no restictions on mags, I have ordered two 30rd orlites from england.. 18,5" are the limit of the barrel, but we're only allowed purchasing these rifles for IPSC shooting. We're not allowed to use the Saigas for hunting Here are at least some pics of the "norwegian" std. saigas.. In this case, my saiga .223 and my pretty P22 are posing.
  9. Old thread btw.. It's kind of ironic.. The only saiga .223's allowed in Norway is the 52cm = 20,5" barrels.. So mine is, of course, a 20,5". We have standard pistolgrip, and muzzlebrake (ak74). But we are stuck with 10rd here as well. The accuracy is exellent, and can be compared to an AR.
  10. Well, here's a pic of my little .223 Saiga... Still in original shape since these babies doesn't cost 300$ in my country..
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