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  1. $1300 for mine. It was/is in 95% + condition,LEO marked and included 2 LEO marked 8 rd. mags.Also included a 5 rd. mag too. I'm happy about the deal.No 'buyer's remorse' here.
  2. I posted a WTB ad for a Saiga 12C a while back not really thinking anyone would respond but 'kmoore' did. I can't stress enough what a great guy he is and it's been a pleasure doing business with him.He went above and beyond to give me some time to get my funds together. I am now the proud owner of a Saiga 12C.
  3. Pay attention to the following- TAPCO IS 'JUNK'.DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.
  4. My Saiga 308 conversion by 'Red Jacket'-
  5. Kalash

    FBMG A+++

    You're talking about a small group of people who are busy trying to do a lot of work. I've found the best way to contact them is by phone. Whether they deserve your business is ultimately up to you, but they are the only 20 round mag game in town. Just my two cents. They can't answer emails or PM's but they have time to post on multiple forums?This is a FACT.I wasn't trying to hi-jack this thread and belittle them or their product,I was just stating what my limited experience has been with FBMG. I know they're the only 20 rd. game around but I have 10 factory mags so it's not a must-have item for me. *ETA-One of those mags would look good in this though.
  6. My 7.62x39 Saiga converted by AK-USA to an AK-103 clone-
  7. Kalash

    FBMG A+++

    What about their 'Public Relations'?I've emailed and PM'ed them concerning their products with NO REPLIES OR RESPONSE. I'd like to buy a couple of their 308 20 rd. mags when their available but if they don't have the time to respond to a customer,do they really deserve my business?
  8. Yes you can thread the barrel or change the FSB for more options. Here's mine with a 74 FSB.
  9. Wish I had the money for a 'Tigr'.They've gotten quite expensive in the last few years.I should of bought one 'back in the day' along with a few others.
  10. Are you sure you looked in the right place? There's a picture there of the flash hider above the choke tubes.On the main page,click on Weapons(on the left).Then click on AK Accessories(on the right) and about halfway down the page above the Saiga choke tubes. There not too quick responding to emails.Give them a couple/few days.
  11. You can order a Izhmash Saiga 12 flash hider from Oleg at- www.Rusmilitary.com Their in the UK but it only takes a week to get your order.
  12. I found one with the front stud intact from a member here. So,is the swap still possible?
  13. Both calibers will kill a bear with the correct shot.The only way you "stop" a bear,or any animal by that matter,is by either hitting the spine or the brain. Africans kill elephants regularly with 7.62x39 but they don't "stop" them.
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