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  1. Hopefully they'll be here by then. Don't need it...I have a belt-fed. Didn't quite mean it like that. I've been waiting like everyone else, didn't think everyone would be that uptight.
  2. NOT! :haha: :haha: I'm still on the lookout for the big brown truck of happiness.
  3. Someone asked me bout getting a 108 with the sight rail. They were worried about the rail being a problem when doing a conversion. Can the rail be removed? If so, is it difficult or worthwhile?
  4. If the 3" barrel worked, it would be a nice size to mount a suppressor. 20 round drum.... slugs..... and a suppressor. Add in those HK sights and think it'd be pretty damn sexy.
  5. It is a matter of adding the folding mechanism for the ace stock. I like the folder myslef.
  6. Robinson Armament had a friction hinge folding stock for the AK. They fold at an angle so you can operate the charging handle with ease. They fold out with the flick of the wrist and lock right up. They stopped selling for the AKs but they still sell them for the XCR's. Play with an XCR at a shop and you will see what I mean. They are very cool stocks. If you liked them, I bet Robinson Armament could hook you up.
  7. The PITA would be getting the stock. Spas-12 parts are as scarce as hen's teeth. Took me years to find a push button safety. I think you'd need to come up with a custom adapter to mount the stock high for the hinge. The next problem would be how it would affect the sight picture. You'd be too high up for the stock sights and the HK sights would get in the way. I'm not saying it would be impossible, it'd just take some thought.
  8. Thanks Mike, Just ordered a second drum.
  9. Remington OO Buck at Wal-Mart is pretty cheap. Wolf may be a good bet if bought in bulk.
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