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  1. This is the same guy who open carried one of his ak47's in the middle of his town. He seems to enjoy the attention. Obviously a screw loose with this one.
  2. my762buzz that is a great picture and definitely shows how a deeper bullet guide helps in terms of feeding expanding ammunition. IMHO if you are going to be using your saiga to hunt game, retaining the integrity of the tip is mandatory in order to ensure proper expansion into the target. After a bit of research it turns out that the Arsenal AK's come with a bullet guide that is much longer than the aftermarket guides available for saigas. I cannot find the post anymore but I believe it was post-apocalyptic who posted the picture.
  3. On my rifle the bullet would get torn up on the chamber face not on the bullet guide. My rifle never jammed but accuracy was definitely effected. Regardless jswledhed's advice does help a lot in smoothing out the feeding process. Have you ever pulled an unfired round out of the chamber after you have fed it? I am curious if you get any type of deformation in your HP's.
  4. I would rather not say. I do not want to call out anyone's product.
  5. Thanks Corbin, I am not sure if my rifle is a fluke or is out of spec but, I would be very interested on how other members rifles feed soft and hollow points. On a side note FMJ tips are sharp enough to get passed the chamber face without being damaged while using the bullet guide before I modified it.
  6. I was at the range yesterday with my 7.62x39 saiga and was noticing a huge lack of accuracy with the same SP ammunition I was using before I had converted the rifle. Frustrated I pulled out magazine, pulled my bullet guide out, and slapped my factory magazine in the rifle. Sure enough the rifle began to group again instead of the erratic patterns I was previously achieving. These results brought my hopes back up and I put my bullet guide back in for some further testing. I put one round into the magazine and then pulled the bolt back and let it fly. Without shooting the round I pulled it
  7. How does the rim of the rounds that are failing to extract look? Does the brass look stretched compared to unfired rounds? Does it look heavily scratched at all? Try cleaning out the chamber with some solvent and a cleaning brush on a drill. Could be caused by a lacquer build up over the thousand rounds you have put through it. Might as well take a look at the extractor while you are in there.
  8. Very cool, is the B.A.S.T.A.R.D going to be included in these offerings? I am very excited about this product.
  9. +1 Heat is what removes the temper and causes the metal to get brittle. Keeping the temper is the most important aspect because half of the bolt locks into the right side of the trunnion that was just been milled down. Don't worry about this rifle though because heat was never part of the equation
  10. Hexus, I appreciate your response. I like your idea of polishing the adapter to smooth things out a little bit. I might pick up a polishing bit for my dremel this weekend. Definitely take pictures if you bevel the magwell I would be interested to see how it functions. My rifle does not lock up like yours on the last round. My bolt has enough momentum to push the follower down and close on an empty chamber. it might be cool if the magazine would hold the bolt back far enough to engage the BHO but, I don't have the BHO feature on my rifle anymore I took it off during my conversion so I
  11. You might be out of luck with the hand loads. At least if you plan on reloading them. You will find that is a chore in itself to catch them, let alone try to resize them when the casing is bent in half. You will see what I mean the first time you fire it. You could just buy new brass each time though. I would be interested to see what you could pull out of these rifles in regards to accuracy.
  12. Before you shoot it you should probably strip it down and make sure everything is in working order. I think a member on another site found theirs had some rust in the gas tube. But other than that give it a good cleaning and shoot the piss out of it. x2 before long you will be looking into converting it After that I am sure you will be looking into other calibers
  13. I followed the entire story and understand why people are so testy when the subject is brought up. Please understand, I am not dogging on the adapter. I have had zero problems with it and am very happy that I bought it. The rifle has fed everything that I have put it in with no FTF of FTE. It is made well and fit my rifle perfectly. It was even shipped to me 5 days before I was expecting. I also own both adapters and it is very clear which one I am using. Wanting polymer magazines to drop free is nothing more than my personal preference, not a flaw in the product.
  14. I figured other people might want to use polymer magazines with there adapters so I made a thread instead of a PM. Am I the only odd duck that wants poly mags to drop free? Don't fret guys I was never planning on hacking up my adapter with a dremel. I didnt contact MSA because there is nothing wrong with the adapter. MSA does not claim that the magazines should drop free anywhere (that I have found at least). It works just as advertised so the manufacture is not at fault. I did however buy the Pmags based on the instructions that came with the adapter. So these magazines are not what t
  15. All opinions aside, Pmags are the magazines that I own. I think its annoying to have to rip the magazine out of the magwell so I want them to drop free. According to the instructions having Pmags drop free is a "simple" modification. Does anyone know what this process might be?
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