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  1. YHM Phantom brakes are nice and are closer to $50 than $100
  2. Well . . . The tools used for the checkering in that MidwayUSA video are called checkering tools and are available at MidwayUSA. avaliable here
  3. Those SVD handguards look awesome on there. I have never been a fan of those stocks but with the matching forend it really looks good.
  4. Last year I contacted several very reputable AK builders concerning some custom gunsmithing I wanted done to my Saiga 308. I contacted four companies describing the work I wanted done and asking for a rough price quote. Red Jacket and Rifle Dinamics were two of the companies I contacted, and Red Jacket was the ONLY company to even respond to my e-mail. After a little correspondence with Will at Red Jacket I sent them the rifle and they did exactly what I wanted with a few extras going above and beyond what I requested and to top it off the final price came in a little below the quote I was
  5. I don't think anyone makes one specifically for the 308 that will just pin up where the old one was. But, you can have the tip of the barrel turned down and have a regular FSB with 24mm threads and bayonet lug installed. I had Red Jacket do that (among some other things) last year on mime.
  6. gnugung, I notice you didn't answer my questions about the conversion. I'm guessing you converted it yourself, and you changed the original mag catch out. No one else has this problem but you. I also find it interesting you just joined the forum this month and have made 17 posts since then. It would appear that all of your posts are in this thread all trashing this company. I don't think your problems in any way reflect the quality of the mags or the company and just so you know that I'm putting my money where my mouth is I ordered 4 of them myself.
  7. Gnugung, I have seen that type of jamming before on an AK that had several thousand rounds of wolf fired through it without cleaning. The gas port was almost totally clogged. the bold wouldn't quite make it back far enough to get completely behind a round but somehow would start to push it out of the mag then get jammed. So the third lug does sound like it would cause this if the mag wasn't seated high enough, or if the bolt wasn't going all the way back. Who converted your saiga? Does it have a one piece trigger guard and mag catch, or the original mag catch with the original trigger
  8. Yes Sir, that's the way to do it. As a matter of fact here's one you did for me a little while back.
  9. Do all the saiga rife factory forends interchange without modification or only certain ones, or are they all specific to the caliber of rifle they come on? i.e. do .223 and 7.62 forends fit .308 and viceaversa?
  10. DTakas

    Twist Rate

    I'm pretty sure it's 1:12.5 Mine shoots better with heavier loads (168 and even 180) than ligher (147) loads.
  11. The back half of the gas tube is smooth. I can grind off the spot welds holding the rearward retainer in place shorten the tube slide the retainer back over the tube and weld it back in place. I'd much rather be grinding and welding a cheep spare gas tube than welding and drilling my barrel. But that would require custom fitting an upper hand guard to the smaller space between the forward and rearward retainers. I also thought about cutting it back into the ridges and then heating the end to red hot with a torch and hammering it over a socket or something with the appropriate OD to resh
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