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  1. Hey all. I haven't posted on here in several years, which is when I did my conversion for my 7.62x39. When I did my conversion I got kind of lazy with the front of the gun: the factory fsb was canted and I kept the stock handguard. What I would like to do now is remedy that with a press-on handguard retainer, polymer lower and upper HG w/ gas tube, and a new front gas block and front site base. Problem is, I have been out of this converting game for so long I don't know if the parts I am finding will work. I had my cart full on K-Var and then I realized I didn't know if what I was getting
  2. Yes, I would like to buy someone's OEM 7.62 handguard. Please let me know the condition it is in as well. I use paypal, looking to pay around $10.
  3. Ya know, this is where I got my first one years ago for 275, back when DPH had them for 250. Thanks for the posts everyone.
  4. So should I wait for prices to come down or is that not going to happen, I should buy now?
  5. All I have been able to find are a few around the net for no less than 350 and sometimes around 500 or more! I need another one, already have the parts, so if anyone knows where to get a 7.62 for cheaper than centerfire has them, please let me know. I have searched extensively.
  6. Thats a good question. I love the stock HG but the heat is a problem. Since heat rises, I don't see the use in ventilating the guard from the bottom. The sides couldn't hurt but I think you need something more. There is hardly any room between the guard and the barrel and I think thats the problem. Maybe some kind of RPK style heatsink, like you find on your CPU. I think the problem with the insulation option would be that the heat wouldn't be transferring anywhere; so I guess if you did what you are suggesting you would just be heating up the barrel more, and in theory if it kept the gua
  7. I destroyed my stock handguard for my 7.62 model and....I can't find a replacement anywhere. I haven't found anything in our classifieds, on gunbroker, or anywhere I could find via google. Does anyone know where to get one, or have one to buy?
  8. I need a stock (OEM) saiga x39 handguard, the synthetic grey piece, mine got destroyed. I'm looking for something in the 10ish shipped range, or trades. I have an amd65 lower handguard and a base romy upper and lower hg set (blonde wood). I have assorted other parts, so let me know. I can't find one anywhere, if anyone had one it would be a big help.
  9. Ah Naliolith, didn't realize this one was new in the search results! How hard is it to get the new fsb on a 7.62, will it affect my current 14x1 thread pattern on the first 1 inch of the barrel, how good is the ak74 break and can it be fired with a 7.62 round without modding? Last, is there another easy way to put on a lug?
  10. I have searched and read all the threads on this topic. I bought a (I think) Romanian spike. I have a faux ak-74 brake. When I put the bayonet on, the rear attachment device of the bayonet ends up just behind the stock FSB. I can't weld it here, as it is open barrel, and I don't want the non-authentic look of a bolt on m16 bayonet lug that I convert to fit the Romy spike. I suppose then that I am left with a new FSB. However, since the saiga has 1inch of barrel in front of the FSB already, and mine is threaded, how could I keep my brake and get a new FSB without having to move it rearward
  11. I screwed up my handguard beyond repair, is there any way to buy a new one at a decent price?
  12. yeah, the only foreign parts I am using is what came on the gun, handguard (which counts as 1 part as I have read), and romy mags. I think globaltrades is out of business, can't find my bulgy wood grips anywhere else now.... PS, they will fit right? romy would be ok too
  13. Alright, nearing completion of the hardware, paint and such will come later. These are my american parts: pistol grip stock piston tapco fcg muzzle brake Foreign parts: receiver foreign 30 round mags romanian or bulgarian vented gas tube romanian or bulgarian upper and lower handguard Is my parts count acceptable? Has anyone ordered from http://www.globaltrades.com/ak_parts_general.html ? They have some cheap parts. Also is romanian or bulgarian wood preferred to fit on saiga's or does it not matter? EDIT: looks like globaltrades is out of business, kvar also
  14. akparts.com is coming out the cheapest, but they dont seem to have pistol grip nuts from what I saw (quickly). Either way, this would be dang cheap. Probably less than 400 when all is done. One thing, I don't have any experience with the tapco stocks. out of 10, how are they?
  15. nice. but who has the rifle for 250?
  16. Time to re-address. I like the idea of a tapco stock, all of this crap has gone up in price though since I built the last one. dph is now 270 for the gun. Anyone have them cheaper?
  17. MAA apparently has them for 250 as well, shipped. Ive not done business with them though.
  18. I have a makita drill that has 2800rpm as max. I just thrashed a cobalt bit that cost me 8 bucks, a titanium bit did nothing, stainless is worthless....nothing is working. I also put my bolt carrier and piston on a concrete floor and tried hitting a punch with a sledge hammer and that didn't seem to work either. So, I guess now I need to buy a better drill or maybe take it to a smith. So....what would a smith charge and/or what kind of drill/bit would be sufficient?
  19. On regular AKM/74 rifles you can knock the rivet out with a hammer and punch (this is how i do it), but the Saiga gas pistons are held by dimples in the bolt carrier and need to be drilled out. What if you drill out the dimples? Looks like I am looking just at the pin now.
  20. Well, if the barrel extends fully into the comp then wouldnt it negate the function of the comp to some degree? What exactly does the crush washer do....from dinzagarms it looks kind of basic...? Any possible way to own the threading kit for less than 60 bucks from preciseinnovations? Thanks for the info bud.
  21. I read the tutorials, and will cut off probably half of the sleeve and just thread half of it so that the barrel does not protrude into the compensator more than it has to. I see the notch cut in the comp. that will accommodate a pin from the fsb to keep it from unscrewing during firing. However, if I only cut off half of the sleeve then how can I utilize this pin/notch method? Also, I see the comp. on ak's where the slots are pointed left and right and obviously not up and down. How does one assure that the slots will be pointing left and right when threading it on? Are there only so many
  22. What about pistol grip. (15), I could switch the piston for (20) to be compliant. My goal here would be to build a caiga that would in the end cost less than a wasr....which these days are fetching 400 or more for some reason. Who has a cheap tap set? ebay? so: saiga 16" from dph arms (250) g2 group (30) grip nut and bolt (7) have materials for guide tap (unknown amount) hitch clips (1.50) stock (<30) need a new dremel (40+) piston (20) Minus the dremel, looks like around 340 dollars without adding transfer fees, shipping costs, tax, and misc expensis. Im gonna start
  23. What is the cheapest saiga conversion I can make. Ive already done one. I can get the gun itself for 250 from dph. What about the others.
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