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    I like booms and bangs which is why I visit this site. I love the Saiga 12 and I am interested in all the news parts coming out for them. I have one I had slapped around by the nice folks over at Tromix, so I am sitting pretty. Need to know more--I can't imagine you do-- shoot me a note. <br /><br />Use that 1st amendment too folks...They can never take knowledge away-you will never be unarmed or unprepared.
  1. RedPb

    AMD 65

    I just bought one for my birthday...It is the ugliest, prettiest, coolest rifle I have messed with in a while! The front grip is kind of awkward, but I got over it pretty quick. If I wanted accuracy, I would have bought something else. It is like my lovable bastard son. And if another ban takes effect, I am assured to loose no value if not gaining a substantial bit. I am going to test fire it soon with a bit of my reserve ammo. The construction seems to be a bit better than average (as far as AKs go).
  2. I bought a first-rounder too, and have been wondering about that myself...Do I need to get the ball rolling, or will I be surprised by a box in the mail? I am in no hurry, nor am I cranky...Just curious. Either way, I love my S12 and the drum that sits under it; waiting to destroy all the worlds non-working microwaves and gallon jugs of water.
  3. An email with a specific subject title got me all straightened out...Also, they called ME to straighten out my order which was cool. I now have a drum that sits tight in my Tromix S12 (I did have to file surface "a" which was incredibly easy). I would say a good idea might be to hire someone to answer the phone ( friend or family who needs a job perhaps) to answer simple questions, change customer info and sort the calls in regards to importance and subject. Then he could actually work on getting those drums out so all may know the joy I do....Moo ha ha ha ha ha.
  4. I have an ACE stock, folding mechanism with adapter for unmodified Saigas and a SAW grip laying here with nothing to do...I got mine sent off to Tromix and do not need them now...If you are interested, I can photograph everything I have to show you. BTW, I am in Muncie and go to Indy somewhat often...I noticed your profile said Indiana.
  5. Just for my own amusement, and so people here might share in my joy-(or more likely hope I slip in the shower and land a large shampoo bottle) I just thought I would say that I shipped my S12 to Tromix for basic training. He has been received and is undergoing multiple lessons in ass-kickery. A father has never been so proud. Moo ha ha ha ha ha ha! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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