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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I’m not sure if I was drunk or dreaming when I saw a post sometime ago that there will be a small rail that could be mounted in place of saiga-12 rear sight. I swear I even remember somebody posted a picture… Was this for real or I’m loosing it?
  2. 06/30/2015: BOTH ITEMS SPF SOLD ----- Hi Guys, I am selling a couple of lightly used accessories for the Zastava PAP M92 and M85 "Krink" pistols: 1. Ultimak Gas Tube Scope Mount for M92 - This is a Yugo "Krink" specific model and is a great way to a ad low profile red dot optic for co-witness with the irons on with this gun. Unlike other optic mounting solutions for it, no permanent mods to the gun are required. Included items are: the Ultimak railed gas tube, two metal brackets that secure it to the barrel, and four screws. Price: $80 shipped USPS First Class). 2. CNC W
  3. Hi All, I'm finally doing a conversion for my 2 .308s and have been trying to find a good forearm setup. I'd like to have rails for both rifles, but would like something for a two-piece setup (already converted with tubes from Dinzag). It's not clear to me what options are available - looks like everything's for stock setup. Any pointers to rails that may work? Thanks, Rip
  4. moved to accessories page.
  5. Payments accepted through PayPal. Please send me a PM if you are interested: GRIP: MFT Engage Pistol Grip, Black. Excellent condition. $10 + $3 shipping. HANDGUARD: MFT Tekko Lower Handguard, Black. Some small scratches where it fits into the receiver, but excellent condition on the whole exterior. $15 + $3 shipping.
  6. Guntec USA rail. Drop-in replacement for AK handguard (rifle must have a handguard retainer installed). Includes multiple shims to fit different receiver shapes. Fair condition. I did some sloppy grinding on the front left side, but the rest of it is in like-new condition. $18 shipped. I accept PayPal. Please PM if interested.
  7. I have seen other threads regarding the .223 kush JB weld picatinny mount (which was gorgeous by the way, and awesome green color). I was wondering if there have been any updates or new ways of mounting a picatinny rail on the gas tube of the .308 without interfering with piston. Gun is about half way built. Have red dot, recoil pad, side rail mounts, lasers flashlights sling ect ready to go. Just need tangs sawed off, picatinny rail on tube and dremel around magazine release. (Screws are out in pic) Does not sit flush because of Mag release All co
  8. 01/06/14 UPDATE: Price dropped to $50 shipped. 01/02/14 UPDATE: Posting this on the Vepr Forum too now. Guys, this is a steal! Chaos had this rail at $85 + shipping over the holidays and I priced mine here to match that (-used item), but Chaos is back selling these at $99.99. Also, this thing doesn't even have a single major scratch on it. I even cleaned and lightly oiled it for you! I am selling this used Chaos tri-rail will all the hardware. It definitely has signs of use, but is in overall great condition. Because Chaos rails are modular, you can get a top or extended top rail from the
  9. I had this on a Saiga 7.62x39mm. According to the TWS website it will fit all Saiga rifle calibers, including .308win. Includes pin, C-clip, new cam action release, dustcover/rail, and rear peep sight. I would strongly prefer to sell the rail and sight as a unit, but I am willing to consider selling them separately. Peep in like-new condition. Rail in good condition, but has some wear from normal use: Finish rubbed off where optic was mounted. Wear from being hit by ejected shells. Wear inside near the back from cycling of the action. $95 ($70 for the rail sy
  10. From the album: AR15

  11. From the album: Saiga

    quad rail and tasco red dot
  12. From the album: Saiga

  13. From the album: Chaos Vepr-12 Quad Rail System

    NEW Vepr-12 Quad Rail System by Chaos Made specifically for the Vepr-12, the Chaos Vepr 12 Quad Rail System is manufactured to highest standards in the industry. Our MIL-STD-1913 rails are made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy. Hard coat military specification MIL-A-8625 or Type III non-reflective black. Weight: 12 oz. *** No modification or gunsmithing required for the installation *** In stock and ready to ship in Saiga-12.com E-store

    © Saiga-12.com

  14. SOLD I have a used Dog Leg Gen 2 rail from TWS. It has minor nicks and dings but nothing that affects its function. This comes with the peep sight which would cost $40 new. All necessary hardware is included minus the hex wrench. The value of this and the peep sight new would be $180. The rail works really well and held its zero through the couple rounds I've shot. The peep sight allowed a nice co-witness with my TRS-25. The reason I'm selling is because I'm going for a new look and have decided on an Ultimak gas rail. $110 shipped. PayPal please. CONUS only. Note: I will be at
  15. Hey guys.. First post here.. Been lurking for a while though. I think I'm going to go with the Surefire quad rail for my setup... I want to use an angled foregrip on it, however. I'm not sure if the bottom rail on the Surefire quad rail goes back far enough to adequately use an AFG. I would maybe also possible want to mount a bipod at some point. Does anyone have any experience with AFG on the Surefire quad rail? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  16. I have a Midwest industries quick release long rail side mount up for grabs. It had been mounted on my rifle but never had an optic on it. Very solid,quick release, holds zero, well centered and super low profile. I'm asking $100 shipped(SOLD to AA re-cvrd) Kalinka bp-02 low centered side mount. Lowest kalinka optic mount, very solid, low profile, quick release. It was mounted on my rifle for a while with a trs 25 on it but now I'm looking and getting into the ultimak game. $55 shipped I am willing trade either of these for an Ultimak regular length( not yugo or draco) with everything includ
  17. For sale, NIB, never mounted Chaos Tri-rail for Saiga 12s. I decided to go another direction with the gun so it's time to clear out the safe and make way for new parts =) MSRP $100, I'd like $80 plus shipping, I'll also throw in 3 Knights armament rail covers (used) for good measure. I'll also consider trades for the following Saiga 12 bits: Magwells, Magazines, Any CNC pistol grip adapters... Thanks! Rob
  18. So my build is almost complete (aside from a few cosmetic touches) on my Saiga .308 so once again I turn to the Saiga gurus for some advice on which rear rail system to get. First off: Will they fit the Saiga .308? TWS says that it will and markets it for the Saiga .308. Parabellum has yet to reply but one of their distributors, AIM, replied and said it would if the Saiga .308 has a standard AK dust cover. This isn't something I know off hand. Which one is more rugged? I have yet to see torture testing on either but I'd like to see them dropped, thrown, rolled, etc. Not that I am plann
  19. Hey guys I was looking at one of the nice Chaos quad rails for the saiga 7.62x39. I was wondering, there are 2 set screws on the bottom handgaurd that screw up to the barrel to make it solid. I am wondering if that would affect anything on the barrel?
  20. Which would you pick? I got the Troy fixed tritium hk front sight. I need the rear to be a night sight and to be able to use buckshot up close and also consistently hit a torso at 100 yards with slugs. I thought the troy might work because it has a wide aperture for up close and a small one for further away. I like the BAR11W but the price is rough and it only has the single ghost ring. Thoughts?
  21. I wanted to keep my stock saiga handgaurds. I cannot install a rail over my dust cover because I have a triangle folder. I realy just wanted to know if I could put a rail on the top of the gastube. Or what scout scope rails you would recommend.
  22. Anyone know of a good Rail extension that doesnt rise too much? I am looking to mount a scope on my SKS but want it a little closer to the eye. Coming from the handguard rail on the Tapco furniture, so it has to have some length in it. Don't want to go the Choate route yet and DEFINITELY dont want a dust cover mount. Anyone know of anything that fits the bill? Thanks in advance. Picture posted for reference.
  23. ALL SOLD I have 1 used Chaos Extended Quad Rail left for sale. Neither one is tapped for HK sights. Both are in good shape, but have been mounted and have had red dot sights mounted to them. This is the last one available. Please note the the vertical scratches on the left side where the two parts meet. I'm asking $70, shipped USPS Priority Mail. Paypal, or USPS money order. First "I'll take it" gets it. Edited to add the picture showing remaining rail.
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