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  1. Ok, I removed the GB and checked the ports. They were all right about .069" and appeared to be unobstructed. I drilled them out to .077" at the same angle. I Put the GB back on and checked the alignment. The GB was canted slightly to the right side pushing the dust cover over to the left slightly (since it is attached by a hinge). This is how it was before I took it apart. I rotated it to be in line with the carrier. The right port is now almost obstructed by the right side of the GB. It appears that the ports may have been drilled a bit too far to the right side of the barrel. I put everythin
  2. This was with federal bulk pack. Stock puck and ccs puck. Auto plug at various settings. It wont eject about 90% of the time. It usually smashes the front of the spent case forward jaming it onto the edge of the barrel. No other work done. I'm going to try some higher power stuff tomorrow.
  3. I never could get the gun to cycle and when I put a bore light inside the barrel, the ports looked clean and symmetrical so i figured it may be the bolt sticking. Got the bolt done by Pauly and it is doin the same thing. Pauly included three port cleaners/gauge wires so I checked the ports without removing the gasblock. It is a 4 port. The .07 wire fits in the front-most port snug and at about a 45 degree angle. I couldn't squeeze it into either of the side ports but it did appear that they aren't blocked. The rear port is not physically covered, but it is pointed directly into the gas block.
  4. I got the amazon die and it wont fit the ccs alignment tool. I think ill have to shell out the 80 for the ccs one
  5. I agree with gunfun. I used a file and it took me about an hour per mag cause I was being careful. I measured the width of the front edge at about 3.5mm on a moded agp mag.
  6. Post it plz! I got a 040 and missed my chance at bho mags.
  7. I got the troy folding trit rear to use as a kind of ghost ring. The trit seems dim. I got a trit front post but its not at attached yet to demo it.
  8. Kdog45ak


    I want their new Bump pup.
  9. @Pauly, good to hear. I sent mine out mid September for a glassbolt and upturned charging handle and heard anything since the Nov line update (not that I expected to. SN#691). Pauly said it would be done when its done so i knew what i was gettin into. No complaints here, just nice to hear how business is going.
  10. Kdog45ak

    Muzzle brakes

    This is my kpup with a GK-01. I like it a lot but don't have much experience with other brakes.
  11. Because most of them are nerds that live in california and have never even held a firearm? I just watched a clip of the gameplay.. they put an aftermarket s12 in the game.. wtf.. almost as bad as the cod game with tapco furniture on AK's in south America.. At least they didn't use an American style "unconverted" with a 4 rd mag. I also have it in gold. Tryin to get the KSG in gold so I can get a diamond S12.
  12. I say use your factory plug on setting 1 and see how it goes. If you have problems try the V-Plug.
  13. Just got the gold S12. It is pretty easy and with long barrel and extended "clip" its not horrible for indoors but it is still annoying that i can't switch to slugs or hit anything beyond 25 feet. Had my best game ever in TDM went 16-0 with it.
  14. Kdog45ak

    Make Sense?

    I'm having pauly do mine, the hardest part is that I don't wanna mess with anything performance related until I get the bolt back. (i guess ya can't rush art) So ill be workin on my dirt bike until then.
  15. I haven't played much but I am disappointed in the portrayal of the S12 so far. Since the game is concerned with weapon balancing, the only way they could find to balance the semi-auto 10rd Saiga was to make it nearly worthless beyond about 15 yards. I would have preferred they give you only 2 or three mags with it and extend the range. Hopefully they adjust it up in a patch. Still, its nice to see in a game. Also, the K-Pup Saiga is the best shotgun in Ghost Recon Online (free to play). It seems fairly realistic in that game.
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