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Found 15 results

  1. thinking about buying mka 1919 for a birthday/xmas for myself and have been researching upgrades for it(handgrips, optics, muzzle break). saw this bump stock and said i wonder? i read on another site that this stock can't be used because the doesnt have a buffer tube as a guide. my question is " is there any way to attached a mock tube on the gun just as the guide? " i've seen the stock adapters to change to ar styles stocks can they be used for that purpose as well? something like this meant to cut site off... my apologies
  2. What Happened to the MKA. For the most part I think the MKA 1919 was the next best generation of semi auto 12 gauge shotguns to hit the market. I'm sorry for all those Saiga-12 owners but the MKA 1919 beats the Saiga hands down. But the MKA industry is killing a fine firearm, point Mags costs are outrageous, No company has made a Hi-cap drum mag. Every firearm has gone thru a change for the better in the last 100 years except for the 12 gauge shotgun. I believe most of the problem lies in the design of the 12 gauge round. The thin rim makes it difficult to feed in drum mags. The new RAS-12 is the first great breakthrough in AR style 12 gauge shotguns. They solved the feeding problems but you have to use the RAS-12 shells. This 12 gauge is built on a AR-10 platform. The only thing that will kill this great Idea is the ammo. If RAS does not open the pattern for other ammo companies then they will crush it under greed. This is an outrage to us the people who buy into these firearms only to be let down by manufacturing defects and the greed on upgrade pricing. I was going to buy a Mag clip so I could clip two MKA-1919 10 round mags together. Well I almost had a heart attack when I saw how much they wanted for a set. So I made my own out of 6061 aluminum and Cerakote them and started to sell them. I am going to make some sets for the Salem6 mag extensions since I bought some. If anyone is interested in some 10 round mag clips drop me a line at maddtazz53@yahoo.com
  3. krystofer66


    I was just wondering if there was an import ban on the Akdal MKA 1919. I have heard some stuff and read some things but have not seen anything solid. The new MKAs look pretty sharp and was wondering if we could get them in the US.
  4. I was at the range yesterday sighting in the red dot on my MKA 1919 for a new batch of slugs when I wondered if loading a single round at a time and lowering or dropping the bolt on the loaded chamber would cause problems. (I have the titanium firing pin.) A lot of what I learned about guns was taught to me over 50 years ago. I'm sure much of it still applies but things change. With new technology and designs, some of my old thoughts no longer apply. On all my semi-auto firearms, I've always chambered rounds by stripping them off of a magazine. I was under the impression that on 1911/2011 pistols not using a magazine would cause problems over time with the extractor. So since it was the best procedure for the 1911/2011, I further assumed it was best for all my guns. Does it do no harm or it does damage the extractor slowly over time? Some think its worth it. The competitors that use a "Match Saver" on their shotgun don't seem too concerned. In my case it would speed up loading during matches. Now I chamber a round and top off the magazine. Pop one into the chamber and then insert the magazine would speed things up slightly. Thanks. Bill
  5. Hello all, I am looking to get a mka 1919 xn or br 99 for home defense purposes. I have some ideas as to how I would like to modify/customize it, but would love some ideas and feedback from you guys. Feel free to critique the following and/or offer up the best HD builds you can think of (on or off a budget). My current thinking is as follows: to not go sbs at the moment due to cost and time. Weight isn't a huge factor as I won't be lugging it around all that much outside of the range (hopefully), however it should still be light enough to manipulate and aquire targets quickly. Ability to cycle low power and low brass is no biggy as it will be used with high velocity 00 and #1 buck and perhaps slugs (no kids in the house yet). Reliability and accuracy (within reason this wont be a completion gun) are huge factors, if you don't hit, they don't go down. Will need 922r compliance as reliable high capacity (I'm thinking 8+?) are a must. Mount red dot, mount flashlight/for grip, ???, profit. (And probably a new stock and sling) On a side note I have a decent amount of xp with both ar and ak systems, but this will be my 1st semi-auto shotgun. Thanks for the feedback and opinions!
  6. I believe I have all of my distances covered now. Smith & Wesson M&P40 Pro 5" to beat them over the head. My MKA to harass them from the other end of the football field, and this smooth shooting M&P 10 chambered in .308 to poke holes in 'em when they pop-up over the horizon...
  7. HDDP

    M&P MKA 40

  8. Hi. Just wondering how often you clean your MKA's. I fired about 300 rounds of birdshot on Sunday and it was pretty fouled up but was still running great at the end (apart from the gas regulator nut coming loose - separate thread) I always strip it right down including separating the upper and lower and give it a good clean and oil every time I shoot it, is this necessary? Not that I wont clean it after every shoot (I actually enjoy cleaning it) just curious.
  9. Hi. Very new to the MKA, in fact its my first ever firearm. I have noticed that the gas regulator nut works loose after about 30 rounds through the gun. I have tried tightening it down hard but don't want to over tighten and strip the threads. Once it works loose the gun FTE quite often. Anyone else had this issue and fixed the problem or any suggestions.
  10. Does anyone know if the 1919 can accept ambidextrous/left-handed magazine releases or safety selectors? I like the design overall, but classic m16 controls aren't particularly friendly to left handed shooters.
  11. Has anyone experienced failure of the Drive Block on their MKA other than myself ? This is an early serial no. MKA which I purchased about a year ago and only run 1500+ fps slugs through it. First failure was noticed during cleaning after a range day of 100 - 150 Winchester Rack Master 2 3/4" Slugs which appeared as a small "blowout hole" and hairline crack on the underside of the Drive Block along what appears to be either a weld seam or forging seam. At that time, I had run about 400 to 500 rounds through the gun over three months without any signs of failure. I contacted Clyde at RAAC and he sent me out a replacement Drive Block within a week. All was good and well for a couple months of 50 round range days until a few weeks ago where I ran 150 - 200 Brenneke Special Forces 2 3/4" Short Magnum and Brenneke Black Magic Short Magnum slugs through the gun in two hours. When I got home and cleaned the gun, I noticed another small "blowout hole" right in the middle of that (forging / weld) seam again. But this time it hadn't gotten to the point of cracking down the spine of the seam yet. After the first Drive Block failure, I became very suspicious of the Gas Piston Locking Nut coming loose and allowing the Bolt Carrier to "slap" around so I installed a small Spring Hose Clamp to prevent the nut from backing off. An this has kept that nut snug against the gas bushing, so I was surprised to see the part fail again. In my last correspondence with RAAC, I asked if this was an isolated failure on my gun, or it was happening to others. Clyde has yet to answer that question... So, have any others experienced this type of metal fatigue failure ?
  12. steveUK

    I have started shooting PSG in the UK and have been looking for my first ever shotgun, in fact its my first firearm of any kind. I tried some 3 shot semi-autos (that is the only type I am allowed to use in the UK without a firearm certificate and actually owning the gun, you cannot even borrow or use someone else’s to try them) and I could not get used to only loading single shell at a time, I found it very time consuming and awkward, even with speed loaders it still looked slow and awkward. I also wanted a shotgun that will give me a the best chance of winning a few competitions, therefore I decided on a magazine fed shotgun. These are very rare in the UK and not easily obtainable, there are a few second hand Saiga 12’s available in the UK but I wanted a brand new gun with a warranty, there are only two that I could find, the Vepr 12 and the MKA 1919. As I was unable to try each and decide for myself which is better I was left with researching on the web and this great forum. Another factor apart from quick loading was cost, the cost, a standard Vepr 12 in the UK is about $2,200 (comes with one 8 round mag) and the MKA is $1,400 (comes with two 5 round mags and one 10 round mag) and after reading this forum I would still need to spend further money making them both competitive. In the end I went with the MKA, my main reasons for selecting the MKA was the availability in the UK of parts and accessories, as well as the cost of the gun and magazines, a Vepr 12 8 round mag is about $150, while a 10 round MKA mag is $68, even with everything I added below the total cost including 3 extra 10 round mags for the MKA was $2,300 which was only $100 more than a standard Vepr 12. Extra parts added by my firearm dealer so far……….. Tooth and Nail Level 10 left handed forened Extended bolt release Extended Mag release Extended safety Tooth and Nail stock adapter MagPul stock Truglo red/green dot sight Low recoil spring Three extra 10 round magazines Other bits I plan to add myself later………….. MagPul MBUS MagPul BAD Lever Extended Bolt Catch Are there any other modifications/upgrades/changes I should do, I am not looking for cosmetic changes just changes that will make the gun work better and be more reliable Hopefully this will be a very reliable shotgun and I can’t wait to start competing with it. Here are a few pics
  13. steveUK

    18 round mags

    Nice video of a 18 round mag for the MKA !
  14. I was wondering if anyone knew if this would fit on the Firebird stock adapter? http://www.amazon.com/UTG-Model-Folding-Stock-Adaptor/dp/B002TUSDQ2 I asked UTG if the male threads were the same as on a mil-spec receiver tube and they didn't know. I then asked them if the male threads on this adapter would screw into the female threads on this adapter and they didn't know. I guess if you could screw one of these adapters into another one, then it would work with the Firebird adapter. They make them and they don't know. So I just emailed them this as well: I asked this very simple question to one of your people on the fone today and was told repeatedly, "I don't know." I asked if the male threads were the same as on a mil-spec receiver tube and he didn't know. I then asked him if the male threads on this adapter would screw into the female threads on this adapter and he didn't know. I guess if you could screw one of these adapters into another one, then it would work with the Firebird adapter I have on my MKA 1919 shotgun. I'm having trouble believing you make them and you don't know. Maybe you could get someone there to pick up two of these and just make the effort to screw one into the other for me? If the answer is yes, it fits, I'll buy one. Otherwise I can't. Hopefully whoever reads this will have the work ethic that guy didn't have. Thanks.
  15. If there was 12+ rnd. mags for this,I'd buy one tomorrow. AR platform/ergo Shotgun, with what appears to have better tolerance/less issues then the S12..I think this will start turning some heads in the Multigun crowd. Anyone else have that urge to buy one now before they go out the roof in price? I know firebird and tromix has caught on..... S12 nemesis??? I saw this,and have to say it has caught my attention..
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