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Drum mag for 3 inch shells

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MaxRounds used to make one. Depending on who you ask it was either a heavy thing that ate itself, or a heavy thing that worked. 

They were about $600 IIRC, and had replaceable feed towers. You would need spares, because the recoil beats the feed towers to death over time. You could also get a tower which fit the veprs.

Don't know if they still make them. I would honestly rather use a CSSpecs 10 rounder and have a couple spares.

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That is a really cool project and he should be very proud of it but hell no, lol...  Nothing like that.  I would never consider an open design for one.  Or a design that ended up being so heavy.  That things is almost as heavy empty as it should be loaded...  Even with some weight reduction it will likely still be overly heavy.  I fear he is going to run into friction issues as well with his design.  Actually he already is it appears.  He is likely having the FTE because he needs so much spring pressure to feed it.  He states he still doesn’t think he has enough pressure for the last few rounds.  So it will likely get worse when he adds more spring pressure.  I do hope he can work it out though and make himself some money.  He has some serious challenges ahead.  I definitely won’t say impossible though... 

I first made a high capacity prototype almost 5 years ago.  It will be 5 years on April 1st actaully.  Took about 10 days from there to get it 99% thought out and refined.  The first was a drum the same size as a current 20rd drum that holds 33rds instead.  It’s empty weight is only about 2 ounces more than a MD-20.  I recently filed a patent on it but it won’t be publicly viewable for awhile yet.  The patent is key to getting around friction issues and some other issues I won’t discuss yet.  I won’t say there aren’t other ways but they won’t be easy to figure out and my patent applications covers all the ways I could think of to over come them.  The new design will make all prior drums as obsolete as a double stack makes a single stack...  33rds in the old 20rd size and 20rds in the old 12rd size is going to be hard to contend with.  They are still a ways off but it’s not going to take as long to bring them as it was for a double stack.

Really doing both 2 3/4 and 3 doesn’t add much to the challenge.  I had to skip 3” on the MD-20 but that’s because I was running out of prototype money to work past them.  There was a design flaw in the gun I identified at the time that compounded issues but that has been fixed in the guns since.


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37 minutes ago, kindapointless said:

I'm so in on any drum like that Mike. I love my lil 12 rounders unfortunately both the ones I have now seem to have too much spring pressure when full, i have to shove the bolt forward to even chamber the first one

You could mark the hole in the sprocket the spring is at now and count how many times it is wrapped as it unwinds.  Then try to step the spring down a step at a time with the holes in the sprocket.  It should be somewhat adjustable.  The smaller diameter sprocket requires less force to pull the rounds compared to a 20rd drum.  Chances are they are putting the same amount of turns on both their 20 and 12rd drum.

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